Anthony Casuccio - 'What Is the Point'

Set your dials back to the 1980s because you are going on a nostalgic trip back in time with this song! It's a way-back machine that has everything to give you the sentimentality of retro pop. The classic electronic beats with shimmering percussion establish the pace of the rhythm. Synthesizers and guitars build most of the dynamics, balancing the melody and harmony of the song. Energy is always high and upbeat keeping the music engaging and curious. With some great relatable lyricism here, you also get to sink into some sick guitar licks and riffs followed by a very short and sweet solo as a filler. Along with the emotive aspect, this song is instantly appealing and memorable keeping it as fresh as it was first heard.

Moving towards the main ingredient of this song, the vocals. What Anthony Casuccio has is a voice that can be defined as purely mellifluous. The throw of words and notes to create an impact requires experience which Anthony has in abundance. The overflow of talent can be seen through not just in vocals but through the entire production of this easy-to-follow and sing-along song. You can sense the passion and adoration of this artist toward his art exemplified through such a tuneful way of expression.

Definitely listen to 'What is the Point' on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Following the success of his E.P. Emotional Lockdown and the remix of his song Love Is the Answer (featuring Cynthis Moore), Anthony is back with a retro-Pop classic that channels his love for ‘80s music, Synthpop and cool guitar licks. What Is the Point embodies these elements to create a multi-genre hyper-catchy song that will stick in your head after you hear it once.

About Anthony Casuccio:

"A 25-year music veteran; Anthony’s audio production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, reached gold record status, and placed in various TV shows and commercials. His production work has resulted in numerous songs landing on the top of Billboard’s Dance charts. He has remastered various albums for icons such as Johnny Cash, Tony Bennet and Roy Orbison. As band leader and songwriter, producer, and engineer, he led his band A&L to success topping various charts across the world. Anthony had nine top 20 songs with the band and 3 solo songs on various U.K. Indie music charts. They received radio play in over 70 countries throughout Europe and the USA."

Anthony Casuccio