The love for Doug Cash's style is never-ending. The smoothness of vocals this time has more aggression and pain expressed through inner rage against child abuse through heart-piercing lyricism. A steady and consistent rhythm is fueled by a punchy kick and snare. Simplified clean blues-style guitars play an interesting chord progression that sustains the melodies on it. The song has all the trademark characteristics of Doug Cash and will have a big impact on you. The persistent music has clarity and allows the focus to balance between the composition and lyricism.The mind of this artist is loud and clear with nothing to hold it back. The warm bass with great treble and saturation unifies all elements. Less is more is what you can learn from such a song, where fewer instruments will give you plenty of dynamics and headroom to perform without any restrictions. The Guitar riff is catchy, the bassline has plenty of variations and the vocals uphold the energy and quality that never fails to deliver.
Doug has always had a unique take on many subjects and the music in which it's wrapped. The major input to this song comes from the strong motive and intentions of the artist while presenting it in an extremely well-crafted form.

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About Doug Cash
"Doug Cash is a sponge with a flypaper mind and cockroach resilience.

With over 5 million plays and streams, Doug Cash is either old school's revenge or old school's last gasp.

Heavily influenced by Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, James Brown, Yes, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon.

Doug's music can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Tik Tok, Instagram, Deezer, Reverbnation and all digital outlets."