Good Spells - 'Who We Are'

Good Spells is back with the melodious 'Who We Are', treating you to some juicy dark undertones. Its unpredictable stack of sounds creates a soundscaping effect that quickly becomes infectious, inducing emotion through the mind-enchanting, tuneful aesthetics of the composition.

The producer is a musical wizard when it comes to harmonising dynamic exquisite sounds which smoothly embrace the whole spectrum of colourful frequencies.

Every element has an entry and exit point that loops beautifully, keeping the motion synced with the rhythm. The clarity and pace of this track slow down time, inviting you to immerse yourself in the depth of its alluring warmth.

A gentle melancholy can be felt trickling down your spine which comes from the airy soul-stirring vocal performance. Subtle lyricism ignites the heart-rendering texture of the voice. The quality reaches its peak with the track's intriguing flow. Filtered bass and minimal yet strong beats collide to form a perfect combination of reverberating hertz.

The music can also be defined as moody and suspenseful as it carefully unveils the magic of its genre. The transparent sonorous calmness of the synth is gentle and mellow stimulating the thoughtfulness behind this song. There is nothing more breathtaking than listening to such a powerful expression of musical art that broadcasts its emotions without holding back.

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About Good Spells:

"Good Spells is a UK based, experimental/alt-pop producer. Working out of a converted Airstream trailer, Spells mixes synths, samples and massive UK drums for odd sonic concoctions."

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