Invisiblespider - 'Circles'

Listening to 'Circles', you will understand how greatly admirable the concept is. Right from the beginning, the synth fades in with the soothing voice of Jian Wei. The lyrical dominion in this song along with the well-composed blend of electronic and pop styles really makes it a unique journey. This song is seven minutes long and never ever fails to provide thoughtful insight into the artist's mind and experiences. Its deep meaning has a high emotional connection, expressing feelings of a painful reality that the artist wants to convey. It bends more towards a poetic format and represents the profundity of emotions. What also makes this song stand out is its implementation of music that amazingly supports melodic and harmonic vocals.

The creativity of using the breath as a sound to support the rhythm is really a clever way to symbolize the song's intention. The guitar and bass are prominent alongside the rhythm led by a tight beat. With a heartbreaking narrative, this track quickly becomes an exploration of existence from a pragmatic as well as philosophical aspect. A real experience of oppression can be felt along with the desperation to break free from it. Music like this genuinely comes from the heart of a mindful songwriter like Oh Jian Wei. The way it provides a medium to express an inner battle is truly astonishing.

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About Invisiblespider:

"Oh Jian Wei, also known as Invisiblespider, is a Singaporean rapper-singer-songwriter. They sing and write songs to express their truest, darkest, deepest, innermost thoughts and repressed emotions.

They sing about their mental health struggles, queer love, existentialism, and social issues to create truly personal, purposeful, timeless, and experimental pop music.

​They had years of experience performing as a Bass in school choirs and they have attained graded certificates (TCL) for contemporary vocals and music theory. They had the privilege of busking on Orchard road and performing in Barbershop by Timbre.

They are taking the leap of faith to release music as an independent artist. They hope to be recognized as an acclaimed local artist to resurrect and save Singapore's music industry with their unique experimental style and soothing virile voice."