Scoob Rock - 'So Far so Great'

'So Far so Great' is redefining hip-hop with a refreshing style with its music and rap enabling you to visualize the entire thought process of Scoob Rock. Imprinting his brilliant mind into this album, the artist has skills and knows exactly how to portray and deliver them through this mix. The traditional hip-hop sound constantly evolves through each track adding various moody and emotionally powerful elements. Throughout the journey, you will experience art performed with a blend of lo-fi beats and melodies along with some awesome Caribbean and reggae styles. Retro hip-hop beats take centerstage with butter smooth instrumentals. There is a lot to listen to and explore in the creative aspect of Scoob Rock.

What's outstanding here is that there are melodic vocals as the chorus in some of the tracks which serve to balance out the rap element. It embodies crazy-perfect flow and tunefulness. Most of the tracks lean toward to the chill vibe through their musical composition, and the voice is the flame that lights the excellent lyricism that sits within it. Wide and spacious instruments like piano, synth/pads and guitars, bells, brass, strings, and so much more, create such a great atmosphere, supporting the message and the clarity of meaning behind each track. Beats and percussion are tight and the bass is hardcore, going as low as possible. The production truly reveals Scoob Rock's sixth sense in music and chooses to use specific sounds that take all the tracks to the next level. The samples are a stroke of genius.

Scoob Rock's voice has a spark that gives an opportunity through this album to dive into the vast ocean of his talent. Addictive flow with strength and throw of words stitching bars together solidifies his powerful presence and ability to captivate listeners. This artist keeps giving more with every single track through his outstanding rapping mastery. It holds the depth and warmth of culture and source. The knowledge of hip-hop unfolds every time you listen to this.

The collaboration with other artists adds a finishing touch to this fantastic expedition.

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About Scoob Rock:

"SCOOB ROCK has been into hip-hop since he was 12 years old. His rap gives his audience a taste of his personal style and characteristic voice. He started out break dancing and also found out he had the skills to mc. SCOOB ROCK is from the West Indies and that’s where the Caribbean influences come from. When he grew up he moved around a lot. Stayed in places like Africa, England, the US, the Caribbean and then Sweden. With his personal style and characteristic voice he has shown that he feels equally at home on stage in Stockholm as well as in New York and Berlin."