Tricia Ann Band - 'Drunk & Found'

The absolute power of rock is brought to you by Tricia Ann Band. Everything about this song takes you back to the traditional roots of its classic genre. Starting with clean guitars you will be hit by the unexpected, the punchy kick drum along with wide, hot, distorted, crushing guitars. The energy drips through the music staying focused on conveying the message. The rush of adrenaline comes from the outburst of the chorus that immediately gets you to sing along. The melodic amplification of 'Drunk & Found' will actually make you soberer than ever with its thunderous performance.

The lively instruments portray the skills of the band members and most importantly, their great coordination. Music is straight on point through crunchy open chords on guitars, riffs and licks, profound bass and crashing cymbals and hi-hats blending with hardcore snare and kick. It's not just the flange effect that adds variable tone to the guitars but the overall song holds a unique flow and structure which is refreshing to listen to. The rhythm and its pacing are steady, allowing space for all the elements. The core feature of this song is the voice.

This is a voice that tightly grips the perfection of expressing roaring emotion. In a storm, these vocals are the lightning that has the potency to shatter the earth. The doubling of vocals in production makes the voice even more empowering. Going through many articulations, the voice never gets overshadowed by the music and stands equally strong. It will take your pain away. This song is as raw as it is real, not just the thoughtfulness of lyricism but its ability to induce the feeling of a breakthrough.

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About Tricia Ann Band

"Tricia Ann Band is a leader of the Southern Rock resurgence coming out of the Appalachia region. The Asheville-based North Carolina band combines the heavy feel of Rock with the lyrical motif of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina."

Tricia Ann Band

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