A Webbo - 'It's Not True'

A tale of a stranded erratic relationship is at the heart of this song, going back and forth through simplified poetic and storytelling elements. It is wrapped in a skilful and impactful rap performance by Webbo making this track intriguing and full of thought. This passionate rendition is backed by clean guitar and thick reverberating beats. Non-stop transition between multiple flows while swiftly switching the rhymes is something that sheds a bright light on the proficiency and passion showcased by Webbo.

The sad melodic vibe coming from the verses really hits hard and is insightful of the tragedy. Emotions overflow with feelings being outspoken, there comes no limit when it comes to expressing genuine sentiments throughout this track. It is relatable and also has a strong empathetic side which is driven by an energy to represent sorrow in a meaningful way. The artist holds nothing back and this track is proof of it. Webbo's vocals are professional, an unlocked potential that fits the narrative perfectly and you will certainly appreciate it.

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About A Webbo

"21-year-old artist from CT making music about everyday struggles and emotions and how I’m coping with them."