Acacia Grace - 'I'm Not Meant to Break'
Fresh and fervent, this brand-new single imbues the theme of being doubtlessly confident in oneself to achieve the ultimate objective. It promotes a positive message of staying strong as you witness your own grind as a stepping stone toward success. This RnB/Soul composition unlocks the full potential of the context giving you a desirable dynamic theme.

Euphonious musical instruments like smooth and comforting Rhodes piano play genre-defining chord progressions, along with clean guitar strumming within the rhythmic pattern. The warmth of bass and fulfilling backbeat from a tight kick and snare gives the song a perfect balance of depth in contrast to the crispy high frequencies. The sky-high reach of strings curving the pitch adds more musical motion to this composition. 

Acacia's rich and mellifluous voice has the power to deliver this lyrical gem encouraging you to never stop the pursuit of freedom and happiness. The detailed and emotive vocals have the ability that showcases mesmerizing variations and impactful articulations, accompanied by spacious and hypnotic harmonies. 

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About Acacia Grace:

"A riveting new force in the world of Soul, R&B, and Neosoul, Acacia Grace is taking the music world by storm. With her rich, soulful, and dynamic musical compositions, the artist continues to inspire and captivate audiences, drawing influences from the works of Maysa and Layla Hathaway.

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Acacia Grace was always inspired by the stirring power of music. The contemporary soul singer-songwriter’s musical voyage began early on, and the artist was a part of her school choir as well as other school-produced performances. 

Penning down moving and poetic lyricism since she was young, Acacia Grace had significant classical music training. Having graduated from Suitland Senior High School in Maryland, Acacia completed a bachelor’s and master’s in criminal justice, before re-discovering her passion for music. 

Acacia Grace was part of a 3-person band with Korie Lewis and Isai Galvez in Orange County which she formed as well but is currently involved in solo pursuits. Her debut EP titled, ‘Vulnerable’ dropped for audiences in September 2021, and presented a sensational blend of heartfelt Soul, Jazz, and R&B music. 

Acacia Grace’s newest single, “I’m Not meant to Break”, follows up on her previous release and marks another stunning collaboration with UK-based producer Epithet Music. The new track is a soul-stirring testament to overcoming life’s struggles and holding onto what holds meaning for oneself. It adds to the artist’s heartfelt and immersive musical discography. 
Apart from music, Acacia Grace is also a strong advocate and supporter of LupusLA. The artist currently splits her time between Southern California and the D.C area."