An absolutely ravishing rendition which exceeds all expectations. This song is an emotional vessel holding you tight over the impact of huge waves. The traditional and cultural elements that define this song proudly shine throughout the performance. The attractive pitch bends rhythmic patterns and engaging instrumental fillers to encourage a highly involving sentimental atmosphere. The punchy and powerful execution injects a jaw-dropping musical phenomenon with Alexis Taylor as its talented creator.

The voice of Alexis is magical and by listening to it you will clearly understand the feelings that connect her with this song. The grief and anguish of being trapped in circumstances you are desperate to get out of are channelled directly through the composition and at some point must be relatable to a lot of its listeners. Setting oneself free from the imprisonment of not just any relationship but also any unhealthy environment that stops you from being who you are is the theme of the song from its meaningful lyricism and heart-touching music. The song also has an emphatic aspect to it - instead of being harsh and blunt, it allows freedom to be taken with a 'please' and love; conveys a lot about empowerment by communicating compassion and clemency.

With the tuneful and mind-captivating voice of Alexis Taylor, 'Let Me Leave' is undoubtedly a chain breaker.

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About Alexis Taylor:

"Award-winning Canadian country singer/songwriter Alexis Taylor has always had a passion for music. Her style combines edgy, catchy melodies with powerhouse vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Between recording and songwriting in Nashville, Tennessee, Alexis has had the opportunity to open up for artists such as The Marshall Tucker Band, Love and Theft, Meghan Patrick and Doug Seegers. After her first release in 2018, Alexis has appeared live on numerous radio stations and tv stations throughout North America. She has been a part of events such as Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and CMA Fest in Nashville, and has performed at the USO Northwest Gala in both 2018 and 2019. The release of her first single also led to Alexis winning “Female Vocalist of the Year” at the 2018 Tennessee Music Awards.

After releasing two singles in 2022, Alexis’ third release of the year will be “Let Me Leave” an edgy and emotional song about being in an abusive relationship and trying to leave. “Since October is domestic violence awareness month, I wanted to release this song to recognize abuse victims.” Taylor explains, "Even though it might feel like you’re trapped and don’t have a way out, you do. And better yet - you will heal.”"