Chris St. John - 'When Dreams End'
'When Dreams End' is a soothing melody carefully wrapped in a deeply touching emotional message. In a mystical way, Chris St. John's voice will pave the way for you to reconnect with the absent sentiment. The vocals are performed in a way that does justice to not just the composition but the thoughtful lyricism. Every song is a memory, recalled and offered to the audience in a poetic and musical form. Every song feels like it's being calmly whispering its tale. 

Every instrument has warmth and fervency. Types of electric, as well as acoustic guitars blended with violins and piano, make a dreamy and impressive atmosphere and are the backbone of the dynamics of this album.

Drums and bass have their own weight and have broad coverage in the low end. The balancing of each element and their clarity in the mix is outstanding making every sound stand out and shine. The vocal harmonies and chorus are just heavenly and perfectly committed. 

Here you have a song you can listen to by closing your eyes and getting lost in the eternally flowing stream of euphonious and canorous music along with unrestrained words. It’s a musical journey you wish would never end.

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Emerging artist Chris St. John is proud to announce the release of “When Dreams End”, his third LP, available on all major music platforms now. Although Chris will have CDs and merchandise for sale on his website he is also generously offering free digital downloads for fans. “I don’t want people to pay for a digital download. I want people to listen to and enjoy my music,” said St. John.

“When Dreams End” is a unique and diverse album, showcasing Chris’ ever-expanding talents as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. The album includes a Latin-flavored love song entitled “Her Name was Lily”, with Chris Singing the chorus in Spanish. “I wrote the song based on my mission trips to El Salvador and the beauty I found in the people and the country,” said Chris.

Chris St. John

The album also includes the Grammy Nominated single “Lost Without your Love”, a dreamy song about the vulnerability of falling in love, “Oh Papa”, a song which will be universally understood by anyone who has lost a father, “Bitter Tears”, a song about the aftermath of a long term relationship ending in break up, and “When Dreams End”, a song about finding your way back to innocence and spirituality.

The album has 8 tracks, all unique, pulled from numerous genres and influences. “Some of the session players asked where I came up with my different chord changes and melodies. I just hear them and find them on the guitar, I said.” I don’t follow any rules or formulas. I just express myself,” he added.

Chris St. John

St John has had 4 number-one hits on the World and European Indie charts, and several other top ten hits. “I’m just glad people like what I have to say,” said St John. “I hope they like the new LP.”

The album was cut at Darkhorse and Sound Emporium studios in Nashville, with some of Music City’s most renowned session musicians. “It started as an EP, but I kept writing, so we made it an LP.”

The album is produced by renowned artist and producer Stephen Wrench at Musik and Film.