Greg Hoy and The Boys - 'Demons At Night'

Rambunctious! The whole EP gives out an enormous amount of energy. The high-spirited force carried on the shoulders of proficient band members is a balance of great responsibility and fun. The high notes carefully touched with the esoteric vocals and harmonies are unmatched. The music is clearly retro-inspired with the use of instruments like classic Casio and mellotron. Guitars emerge from everywhere being played as fillers, riffs, solos and licks, absolutely crushing the amp and giving that sweet distortion sound. Plenty of gains to work with, the guitar tone is cranked up to those high levels without restraint!

'Demons At Night' brings back drumming patterns straight from the 80s, and nothing beats the sound of huge bass popping out and warming up the saturated liveliness. The low frequencies are like hot lava and the highs are like fireworks bursting in the open sky, vibrant and overall colourful. Everyone's performance has charm and power to hold their position tight, synchronising and co-ordinating their passion with each other.

The switch between multiple chord progressions is difficult yet executed seamlessly here. Songwriting is at its finest, and the production is a perfect time machine giving a nostalgic sprightly experience. Composed in an engaging way, this rock and roll ride can clearly be a favourite anytime.

Definitely listen to 'Demons At Night' single and 'Demons At Night' EP by Greg Hoy and The Boys on Bandcamp.

Oct 7, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) — “Demons At Night”, the new four-song EP by Greg Hoy & The Boys is now available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the major services with a YouTube video release planned for sometime in the coming week.

Greg Hoy and The Boys

Inspired and recorded in isolation during the pandemic just after the passing of Eddie Van Halen, the riffs and feelings recall a simpler time of big drums, big riffs, and big hair. And while the riffs were hot and heavy, the climate of recording in the studio together was quite the opposite. Songwriter Greg Hoy sent demos to the east coast. Engineer Tom Beaujour, who has engineered Guided by Voices, Nada Surf, and co-authored the 80's hair metal book 'Nothing But A Good Time', recorded drummer David E. Richman at his Nuthouse Studios in northern NJ. With some fantastic Van Halen-esque solo work by western Pennsylvania guitarist Jon Reider and additional production by Nate Fink in San Francisco, the EP is a refreshing uplift from the current climate. The band is touring Rocktober on the east coast starting October 11th in New York City for their DEMONS AT NIGHT TOUR!

Photo: Will Toft (SF)
Greg Hoy and The Boys
East Bay, CA-based songwriter Greg Hoy - who's recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies), Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty), and John Vanderslice (Spoon, Nada Surf) - toured 25 dates across the US in the fall of 2021 supporting his latest vinyl LP release 'Cacophony'. Comparisons to Jack White, Tom Petty, and Brittany Howard aside, the veteran songwriter has been a long-time critical favourite. Hip-hop icon Ice-T appeared in his recent music video for 'Can You Take It?' which was nominated for a California Music Video Award. Picked to take part in the 2021 Durango Songwriters Showcase for Film & TV, his songs have been heard on networks such as the CW, HBO, and MTV, as well as in commercials for Pinterest, Adobe, and American Express. Time Out NY says 'Hoy's music is fueled by straight-up melodicism.' Red Red Wine on a Sunday says 'Greg's records are deep - like peeling layers off an onion - each song is a revelation!' Broken 8 says his work 'shines with a focused punk rock swagger.'

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