Magnus Mason - 'WEIGHTLESS'

A modern and classy contemporary hip-hop track professionally formulated to give you a grand vibe. The electronic elements have a larger-than-life impact setting a flawless loop and tying a tight knot with the beat. It boasts a pumping rhythm compressing the spectrum, highly melodic personalised samples and a seamless coordinated rap performance. The harmonious music feels fresh with powerful atmospheric bass and synth tones that will sink into your mind. The rap flows through many variations, rhyming and chanting words that establish the narrative of this track, strong like pillars supporting the whole structure. The ambience this track creates is persistent and addictive, leaving you wanting more from this talented artist. Magnus's core first-person experiences elaborated in this stream of plangency are worth listening to on repeat.

Definitely listen to 'WEIGHTLESS' from the album 'PEOPLE ALWAYS TOLD ME' by Magnus Mason on Spotify.

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In Magnus Mason's words:

"I recently released my anticipated debut album, titled PEOPLE ALWAYS TOLD ME and containing 16 self-produced tracks. I got co-sign from The Game and Summer Walker, with a few labels like Warner Brothers already reaching out to me."

About Magnus Mason:

"MAGNUS MASON is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer born and raised in Ulm, Germany. With the release of his debut album titled “PEOPLE ALWAYS TOLD ME” this month he has received co-signs from the likes of Summer Walker, and The Game. His catchy vibrato style makes you want to move your feet. With deep lyrics and a melodic edge, this new album is nothing short of a masterpiece. In late 2020, Magnus gained international traction with his Debut Singles “NEVERLAND” and “STILL AWAKE”. In 2021 Magnus again caught international attention with his release of the single “4TH STREET”, which was rewarded with countless magazine reports about the young musician. With the premiere of his Debut Studio Album “PEOPLE ALWAYS TOLD ME”, Magnus looks to take it some steps further. - Ben, Publicist & CEO of EverydayStraight."

Magnus Mason

"Recorded in his childhood room on a desk when he moved back to my parent's house for a short while, ‘4TH STREET’ lingers effortlessly between modern rap and innovative trip-hop, perfectly blending evolving instrumentals with bold, colourful movements and a whirlwind of feelings. Incorporating violins, heavy bass, and Magnus’ unique flow, the song creates a harmonic and haunting musical journey that is well worth taking." - Edward Thomas, CEO of Broken 8 Records on the single "4TH STREET"