Rory Sturgeon - 'This One's For You'

The gentle touch of mellow and spacious piano keys, followed by an emotional burst of beautiful strings lands you in a dreamy atmosphere. The sweetness of bells steps alongside the vocals from time to time. The ambience is cosy and delightful, making this song your letter to someone you genuinely care about. Poetic verses light up sentiments, allowing you to relive memories with your loved ones and urge you to realise that it's been a while since you haven't told them how much you care for them and miss them.

Rory's magical voice has once again portrayed the depth of thought and overall warmth in this song through his soothing vocal textures and subtle harmonies. The voice reaches deep into your heart with its relaxing tone. The song has a simplified composition and can be relatable to most of you. This song will become a precious reminder to take time to be present with the people you love.

Releasing on 4th November 2022, 'This One's For You' by Rory Sturgeon will be available worldwide on various streaming platforms.

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Rory Sturgeon

In Rory's words:
"It is about taking the time to tell someone how much you care for them, as life can get busy and mean you forget to really show that you are thinking about someone."

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About Rory Sturgeon

"Rory Sturgeon is a 20-year-old musician from Kent. He began making music in 2021 after teaching himself production and audio engineering skills using pro tools. His third single 'Moments' was featured on BBC Introducing which helped him start developing a local and loyal fanbase. His most recent single 'Hope You'll Be Mine' also got radio play via BBC Sussex and is helping him to further build on his following. With a combination of crisp piano melodies and warm vocals, Rory is able to bring catchy and thought-provoking songs to his listeners. He plans to play his songs as a live solo act in small venues across the South East soon!"