Ross Edwards - 'Perfect Cowboy'

A song that takes you to a silent night beside the fire, curled up in the memories of loved ones lost. The expression of longing that comes from versatile singer Ross Edwards's voice along with the soothing vocals of Karina is profound. Nothing could make you miss someone more. The music is wonderfully simple and perfectly constructed to allow listeners a feeling of familiarity and melancholy. The clarity of the guitars brings it close to the core of the genre, opening doors to invite teary feelings in. The words have a great impact, with the overall lyricism speaking for itself. They hit harder than you might think! 

Ross Edwards's voice is the best fit for this song and this genre as it touches the lows and mids. Far from complications of composition or over-polished production, it is straight-up raw, natural and from the heart. This song will be a tribute for some listeners, a medium to connect with sentiments that may have been buried deep in the mind for fear of being hurt. 'Perfect Cowboy' is personal as well as relatable. It is a beautiful sonnet and a declaration of love from an artist to a friend who is missed.

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About Ross Edwards

"Bristol-born singer-songwriter who writes emotional epic with a voice that suits all types of genres. you don't know what you're going to get with Ross's next song! always a surprise."