Starting with a serious melody on the piano, the rhythm builds up, transitioning to a hard-hitting crushing beat. The music is as solemn as it can get, interpreting true emotions as straight as an arrow. Adlibs are overflowing with heat. With such a fierce beat, the real arsenal in the Selfmade Stunner stronghold is his skills to catch the tempo and switch the flow with his rap delivery. Shear power delivered through words with a roaring performance is a consistent experience throughout the track. With all he is capable of, '5 Percent' indeed pours all of his passion and dedication into this track. This rap artist is sure to secure a shining future in his genre. 

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A little about Selfmade Stunner in his own words -

Selfmade Stunner

"My name is Donnie Lee Bradley jr I have been rapping since I was 12 I’m from SE Washington DC I’m underrated all of my songs have meanings to make you think I’m not a mumble rapper but I do have some cranking songs I’m very smart I didn’t like the school I went to job corps Woodstock I moved out at 17 and I been a hustler all my life grinding not selling drugs entrepreneur businessman very confident and I know I’m one of the best rappers alive I love helping people and I’m cool but I do have a short fuse."

Selfmade Stunner was confidently able to get the spotlight with his song '5 percent' at a grand event which was hosted on Saturday, 8th October 2022. Saycheesetv Shawn Cotton had a talent search for the DMV artist. He was looking to recruit talent for his record label '99 OVR'.

New and proficient artists from every corner came to showcase their talent and Selfmade Stunner was among them. After waiting for six hours and not giving up while staying dedicated and focused, Selfmade Stunner gave his best by performing '5 percent' live in front of the audience and has won many hearts.