Steve Young - 'Ride On Now'

With this crazy, retro, speedy, super-catchy track, there is no holding back. You can't help but surrender to the music and the rhythm and vibe along to this amazing song. This boundless track is a throwback to the wild days of punk, softened by the cool tones of the ever influential fab four, and crafted into a perfect indie music cocktail by Steve Young.
The glittering grungy raw guitars, the reverberating vocals and harmonies and the consistently energetic drums sum up the power of 'Ride On Now'.  The rhythm guitars are thick, and balanced with contrast to the lead guitars. Open hi-hats and cymbals are brighter than the sun. In short, the entire composition is an intriguing musical storm about the crazy ride travelled through life. You can't afford to miss this one folks!

Definitely listen to 'Ride On Now' by Steve Young and go nuts! Available on Spotify.

Watch the official music video now!

About Steve Young:

"Steve Young is a Scottish singer-songwriter whose eclectic taste in music, allied to his ability to play a multitude of instruments, marks him out as an artist to keep an eye on. Following his debut single Endlessly Changing last year, the musician has released Last Supper, Midnight Dreamer & Ride On Now.

Taking cues from the classic songwriters of the past, ranging from the rock leanings of Tom Petty to the pop sensibilities of The Beatles, Steve has combined these influences with music closer to home to the likes of Del Amitri.

The result is a sound that Steve can rightly call his own and one that will transcend his own borders and appeal to music lovers far and wide. 

With 4 singles under his belt, Steve is aiming to continue the momentum created with further single releases throughout 2022.  His latest single Ride On Now is a genre-defying, blistering, existential, high-octane, foot to the floor, baby driver, lo-fi, guitar grunge, meat-eating, speed-breaking, lawless, glam-rock/punk groove. Out now on all streaming sites."