Vertacyn Arc Materializer - ‘Nicotine Chewing Gum’

Buckle up, you are going to dive deep into a psychedelic wormhole, breaking chains and setting the unrestrained roller coaster off into space! 

With a steamy electronic synth and guitar combinations, the song sets off gradually towards the chorus with a train of rhythm and style. Vocals are the main energy of this song, holding the power to leave a hypnotic impact on you. This ride has no brakes, no stops, and gives you the experience of a sweet chaotic chorus as it hits right on the nerve. 

Regarding the mix, the production, overall, has a retro touch that has rawness. The vocal and electronic sound articulations dramatically twist and pitch bend their way through. Creatively composed, it has some crazy sound effects alongside a racing upbeat of ramming drums. 

This song is a banger! It's the nectar in the nicotine!

Definitely listen to ‘Nicotine Chewing Gum’ off the album Phlodd by Vertacyn Arc Materializer on Bandcamp.