Kuya Clint - 'Waiting'

'Waiting' is a broken-hearted love letter that is a tale of two people who love each other. A space filled with beautiful words describing the pain that comes from being far away from each other. An unrestrained feeling of decaying happiness with only the memories of that person being recalled to be the source of joy. A song that everyone can relate to, in their life at different times.

Kuya Clint's genuine RnB obsession has brought a sincere expression of feelings through this song. Nearly taking a Lofi approach, the music keeps freshness through minimal instrumentals. The traditional Rnb beat and the blues chord progression welcome you with warmth alongside electronic elements. With zero distractions, the artist knows how to stitch the sounds together like an exquisite embroidery. Panning of instruments covers a wide spectrum, making a spacious atmosphere, touched by the meticulous detailing of reverbs and delays, triggering just at the right spot.

The radiant and luminous glow in this song comes from the never-ending stream of melodic vocals performed by Kuya Clint, who is accompanied by Zy. Kuya's voice is as smooth as silk sinking the listeners into the deepest emotional euphony. The rhythmic lyricism is composed with the music seamlessly, slowly unfolding the passionate cry of missing someone. Zy becomes the other half of the song covering the higher octaves and blending with Kuya's voice. Everything transports you into desolation, making you remember who you miss the most.

This track achieves a higher level of originality by taking inspiration from various styles. The mix sounds professional and in tune with the tenderness that hugs you with its melancholy.

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About Kuya Clint:

"I was born in Cavite, Philippines. I started making songs in 2017, and I found music mainly through my family and was exposed to various genres from my parents and relatives.

Kuya Clint

The artists that inspired my music vary in the genre of the songs that I make, from how I write my lyrics to how I make the melodies. I am currently into R&B and my main inspirations for beat production are Drake, Partynextdoor, and Joji. When it comes to my singing style I am inspired by the likes of Rex Orange County, RINI, and grentperez. I also try to infuse my music with elements from other genres such as Rock from artists such as Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco."