Linda Debella - 'Soldiers' from album 'Bend to the Light'

A solid indie single that represents the soldier in every one of us. Released with the album, 'Bend to the Light', Linda Debella has given you the music to regain your strength to fight, through her inspirational lyricism clutched by her extraordinary performance. Light-hearted composition portrayed with the colours of nostalgic 70s pop style, the melody is easy to sing along with and quickly becomes a key that unlocks the power to invoke positive transformation.

The track starts with gentle rhythmic synths and pads which are gradually accompanied by piano, unleashing the uplifting chord progression. The acoustic guitars glitter as the sound becomes more and more expansive, bringing out the highest motivational energy. The bass and the beat saturate the lower dynamics adding warmth and depth to the song. The depth of emotions is also highlighted by the instrumental having an immaculate blending and coordination all together.

Linda's voice is an explosion of feelings. As heart-warming and thought-provoking as it is, the natural lead vocals have the power to light the fire burning inside you. Angelic massive vocal harmonies in the chorus and especially in the bridge and outro segment are electrifying, bright as sunrise, and truly sensational.

'Soldiers' is a reminder of unity while addressing and encouraging every individual to BE the change and bring the revolution for the better tomorrow.

Definitely listen to 'Soldiers' by Linda Debella on Spotify. Stream the full album, 'Bend to the Light' here.

Watch the official lyric video for 'Soldiers' by Linda Debella.

About Linda Debella: 

"With a sensual, intellectual, groove pop style, Linda Debella writes, records, and produces her own tracks to create a sound that’s uniquely hers. In the vein of newer, self-produced artists, she is unfettered by conventions as she blends synth-pop with weaving guitars, pianos, hooky choruses, and layers of vocals.

Her second album, Bend to the Light, is an exploration of both passionate love and social consciousness. It’s an uplifting album, sure to make the listener muse about the swept-away feeling of illicit love, while also contemplating our connection to others in confronting larger social issues.

Like other recently released albums, the songwriting and production are influenced by two years of covid isolation, polarized politics, and protest marches.

Linda Debella

Her debut album, Jupiter Moon, was filled with well-crafted and thoughtful melodic pop. With Bend to the Light, she’s created a looser, groovier sound and has added more soul to her style. It’s cinematic at times and exudes a hopeful outlook for our collective future.

Linda's a Los Angeles native and was introduced to music at a young age through years of classical piano and singing pop songs in the car on family road trips. And she fell in love with music engineering and production at her very first job - as a receptionist in a Hollywood recording studio.

Linda’s style is influenced by songwriters and artists with a more personal production style and who delve into social issues in addition to writing love songs – a mix of artists like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Tracy Chapman, Michael Franti, John Mellencamp, Eminem, and Sinead O’Conner.

But it’s always been about the songs. And Linda’s true gift, like many of these artists, is creating stories that we recognize in our own lives."