Sweet Lily Love - 'Life v2.0'

As an intense and anomalous criterion of experimental electronic music, Sweet Lily Love brings you an unpredictable mix of retro and modern music through 'Life v2.0'. The scripting of this song is so clever that it successfully depicts various phases of life transitioning from organic mortality to digital immortality. The depth starts from its lyrics which hold a thought that lies in between a sarcastically welcoming tone and a strong futuristic dystopic vision. Its music also has a similar feel and style to it!

The whole concept gives you an insight into how your life is literally a coded program. A grim techno-reality in which you live, eventually leading to your surrender that enslaves you to the pixels.

Musically, this is a banger that takes you back to the retro days of new wave genres from the 70s/90s. The intro hypes towards the ultimate drop turning the beat into a nostalgic goldmine. Everything you hear has that electronic polishing that adds a layer of phasing and static noise making it strongly connected to the meaning of this song.

The sharpness in the hi-hats and resonant synth tones blended with a stylized tone of phoneline adlibs that mark stages make a perfect mix for defining such a composition. The vocals are very melodic and tuneful, having strong control over pitch bending and adding more motion and emotions. The chorus is club/rave-worthy touching those aspects of the fusion of eras and genres that were unexplored. The vocal harmonies are juicy and demonstrate the excellence of talent and level of mastery. It's a performance that captivates the sonic energy and power of lyrical thoughtfulness. It's a sonorous invitation of 'the matrix'. 

Definitely listen to 'Life v2.0' by Sweet Lily Love on Apple Music.

About Sweet Lily Love:

"Crafting energetic and unique beats, Sweet Lily Love is a pop dance artist bringing her own style to the electronic music world. Influenced by various dance and electronic artists throughout the '90s to the present, Sweet Lily Love brings quality, experimental tracks to the genre that inspired her up-and-coming music career."

Sweet Lily Love