Thy Veils - 'Influx'

The Veils are back with a collision of sensual and spiritual thoughts and music that drives you deeper into the cosmos. The sound of this song has become a trademark of the band through a unique blend of electronic and funk. The track feels alive, expressed through poetical lyricism, awakening instrumental, and limitless sensational transcendental vocals.

The bass tone and the bassline are solidly mixed with the depth of the synths. The beat is an endless loop that put you in a trance state upscaling the hypnotic state of the production. Voice is breathtaking with long-tailed reverb and delay effects sustaining the intricate details. This is a ravishing and captivating excursion, not just into the extraordinary style and meaning behind 'Influx', but into the core identity of this band.

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Founder Daniel Dorobanțu says 'Influx' is "about us all, because it's about our collective consciousness - what we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember and envision”.

Daniel Dorobanțu's synths and Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.'s bass allow Maria Hojda's wise hypnotic voice to stand out, feeling like a reassuring and comforting gift to the world and bringing hope in a time of uncertainty.

‘Influx’, part of THY VEILS’ upcoming studio album ‘Next Forever’, is a funk-infused forward-thinking celestial and supersonic trip through space and time. Lyrically, 'Influx' finds its balance between the wisdom of legendary zen poet Han Chan (Cold Mountain) and Daniel Dorobantu’s transcendental poetics.

Maria Hodja & Daniel Dorobanțu - by Georgiana Feidi

(Maria Hodja & Daniel Dorobanțu - by Georgiana Feidi)

About Thy Veils:

"THY VEILS, one of Romania's most innovative and prolific groups, has released ‘Influx’, a call to unity and an invitation to a new togetherness. At the center of bass and vocals with electronic synths is the futuristic pathos of THY VEILS, mixing feelings with elysian tech.

Thy Veils is a concept turned into style, a minimalist and complex meditation. Born out of the reality of the past millennium, nurtured by digital media expression and communication, Thy Veils’ art speaks through a dense vision about exploration, experimentation, and the search within the sphere of the undefined, movement in the quantum.

Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. - by Georgiana Feidi

(Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. - by Georgiana Feidi)

Thy Veils started out as a studio project in 1995, headed by Daniel Dorobantu, and soon it became a pioneering name in the Romanian ambient music scene. After 13 years of studio productions, in 2008 Daniel transforms Thy Veils into an ensemble of performing art.

By 2022 Thy Veil's self-produced seven studio albums, four live recordings, and numerous singles, a DVD with non-narrative video essays, video art for live performances and video installations, and music for film and contemporary dance.

Thy Veils’ live events are immersive audio-visual shows, transporting the auditorium toward the worlds within and the unfathomable depths of empathic comprehension and contemplation."