Alias Wayne - 'Love One Another'

Alias is back with a song that brings a beautiful message, manifesting warm feelings of love. Lyrically admirable, the words are composed with a gentle touch of melodies wrapped in emotions. The guitar overemphasizes low-frequency sounds giving you a bassy and creamy tone. It perfectly balances with the clear and rich tone of the piano. The blend of vocals with the instrumental melts and spreads like sugar adding sweetness to the overall mix. Easy-going and heart-touching background vocals backing the lead voice of Alias bring colorfully crafted musical harmonization. The clean bass tone covers its depth and resonance, easing its thick foundation within the music. Other significant instruments like percussion and organ share the brightness and rhythmic articulation giving you genre-blending excellence.

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About Alias Wayne

"Ranzel X Kendrick is a genre-blending artist singer-songwriter offering a very original Pop-Rock / Americana blend. Ranzel embraces his equal love of Jazzy Rock & Blues with his alter-ego "Alias Wayne" band releases! From his Texas Roots to his new home in Costa Rica, Ranzel X delivers a wonderful mix of excellent songs and great songwriting."

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