Deson Teninchy - 'Bosses Boss Up'

This track is a 'work hard' routine for many of you. Striving and reaching one's goal and achieving it has become a staple of Deson's everyday life. Verses soaked in lyrical adrenaline push through the hustle and hold the strength to get you through a heavy storm. Deson's personal success story rescues you from your low times and gives you something to be inspired by. The impact and energy flowing through the voice performing immaculate rap defines a personality with solid confidence and motivation. The beat is solid and tight with sharp snare and hi-hats. The chorus has multi-layered vocals with a catchy hook that also holds great power. Its influence can be heard not just through Deson's passion and skills but also through the music and rhythm that backs it up flawlessly. This is a track that gives an insight into the artist's mind, full of intense determination!

Definitely listen to 'Bosses Boss Up' by Deson Teninchy on YouTube.

Definitely listen to 'Bosses Boss Up' by Deson Teninchy from the album 'First Supper' on YouTube.

About Deson Teninchy

"Brooklyn, NY, recording artist, composer, performer, producer, and street poet Deson Teninchy's latest album titled "First Supper" has been officially released through Estate Entertainment and has already demonstrated the initial signs of impact within the entertainment industry.

According to the label's representative, Nicole White, while this album is intended to be construed as somewhat unorthodox by hip-hop aficionados, the artist's and label's goal was to appeal to a more conscious listening target. "We've tried to capture DESON's passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery on ‘First Supper' to counterbalance it with its underlying wit, metaphors, and the strength of an inner-city point of view within its content."

Deson Teninchy

DESON TENINCHY is Co-Owner and CCO at Estate Entertainment Agency, servicing Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, and New York. He is utilizing his vast knowledge to produce, create, write, and arrange great music, acquire and maintain talent, and manage business affairs, along with his Co-Owner, Nicole. TENINCHY is a well-rounded Hip-Hop artist and music producer that captures attention and entertains all through the arts."