Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit - 'Six Ways From Someday'

'Six Ways From Someday' is a melodic entity driving emotions from Jim Loeffler's naturally canorous voice. You will discover a flavour of nostalgia deeply rooted in the musical rendition and poetic lyricism. The composition is easygoing and easy to follow making the hook of the song a capstone of catchy and addictive features.

Harmonious layers of vocals ranging toward higher octaves, piano and acoustic guitar holding hands together raising the tunefulness, and warm bass with subtle wideness sum up the great synchronization that makes this song mellifluent and foot tapping.

The gentle sound of strings on one side coordinating with the chords and vocals displays true dedication to making listeners feel the meaning behind this song. It evolves from a mellow start and hits the climax with a sky-high performance upscaling the expectation filled with surprises.

Every instrument is played with intricacy and detailing which ups the engagement and involvement of listeners. Everything feels seamless and focused, ready to be one of your favourites.

Definitely listen to 'Six Ways From Someday' by Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit, releasing on 26th December 2022.

About Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit:

Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit

"Jim is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter who produces his own music. He lives in Pittsburgh, where he was born and raised and comes from a very musical family.  He released his first album, Shootout at the Straw Man Factory, in September 2021.  A disciple of the Big Four bands in the Sixties - The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who - his influences also include Deep Purple, Oasis, and The Fratellis.  His songs make for an eclectic blend of rock, pop, and jazz."