John Keenan - 'Mind of a Madman II'

The art of creating an addictive hook starts from the very first track on this album. With high oscillations blasting out of a strong beat, 'All Into Crypto' is a mixture of dynamic pop and personalised rap. It has a significant conversational tone where lyrics and voice constantly speak to you on the topic. Sustained piano keys and synth and an adequate bass add a fine spicy accent to the song. The rhythm is smooth and the chords are soothing, driven by the classy and passionate vocals of John Keenan, a voice you will hear throughout the album with the same consistency and energy.

'First Entry' will simply blow your mind. A massive performance of John's rap skills with speedy flow switching the pace and busting rhymes. It has a sharp beat with high oscillations of crispy hi-hats and snare and reverberating punchy kick. Multi-layered vocals shoot words like bullets through the wall. Earth-shattering bass and overall melody with high power impact put the track as the first entry to what's coming up next.

With a sweet voice, the catchy rendition bursts the cloud that showers the rain of vibrant, colourful feelings, moving through the beautiful composition of 'Games That You Play'. Very groovy and engaging, the blues-style chord progression is hypnotic and sounds perfect. John gives you a wider rendition of vocals blending musical rap and proper singing. Lyrically memorable, the meaning sticks to the heart bringing an overflow of emotions, especially the chorus.

'I'll Say It Again' is a bassy and rhythmic gem giving you an interesting beat variation. Slightly further from traditional hip-hop, you get to hear something unique and creative executed seamlessly. The same energy, same strength and same exuberance from John keep hitting hard and staying above the hardcore instrumental. Its breathtaking pace and articulations are attractive. Instrumentals have a splendid mix of electronic sounds that includes crystal clear piano and bass along with warm synth tones. The flow of rap goes hand in hand with the beat delivering a sensational style.

Going back in time with a poetic aspect, 'Old School' is a time machine inducing nostalgia. Smooth Rhodes, tight bass, juicy beat and a gentle guitar sitting beneath everything ups the melodic and rhythmic glow. A loop connected by many tuneful elements and tiny details is carefully arranged to an outstanding level.

More and more heat and temptation drip as the album proceeds. Along with 'Old School', 'Pain We Know' brings the balance of modern production to 90's style RnB characteristics. The featuring artists so far have outwardly voice that takes your breath away. The vintage beat with a fresh blow of air holds the sensual frequencies of overall instruments enlarged by delays and reverbs. At this point, you will truly appreciate the rhyme scheme. Sentimentally deep, the music feels emotive and has a touch of melancholy. Although the mix itself gives a chill vibe.

'Rap Cat' enters with a tight grip on familiar hip-hop styles and sounds that you will love. It's spirited and intense from a vocal and musical point of view. The timings and attitude are perfect, burning the verses with a hot flame of lyrically charged fire. The sincerity throughout the tracks until now has been phenomenal.

As you continue to listen, the message from this album becomes clear. Filled with internal battles that John fights and tries to resolve, 'Scarecrow' is an addition to the serious talk being shared with the listeners. The feeling is profound and defined freely. Piano doing a cameo in almost all tracks also appears in this song along with gloomy and soft synths with a contemporary exhibition of sounds. It has a booming bass in the chorus with a unique piece of melody. It is truly mesmerizing how far the rap knowledge and its exquisite presentation go throughout the mix.

A spacious and wide track - 'Still In Love With You', is a medium, a message, a letter that acknowledges love. The track nurtures synths and a classic retro beat giving a larger-than-life output in your headroom. A delicacy that feels relatable, giving you complete freedom to express through John's now well-known writing, singing and rapping. This song glows like a neon light on a rainy night holding clearness in its meaning. A luminance develops in the atmosphere as the song evolves. Very addictive!

Keeping the quality top-notch and continuing this journey of John's thoughtfulness, you get to hear 'The Way I Lie' which is lyrically a very interesting song. With an equally powerful mix as before, this one feels special. A special shoutout to the frustration John goes through knowing how hard he tries to hide things he's easily read. A clever way to put such a song together can be heard through the dialogue running over the music. A fantastic approach and solid execution with a dramatic back and forth. Hard to resist the engaging manifestation of such a track.

A strong introspective voice has been guiding you towards the end of this album all this time. A genuine portrayal and a look inside the 'Mind of a Madman'. 'Toxic' is a song which is better defined by its name itself. A reflective or contemplative view on parts of life where a decision has to be made of never ever giving up while addressing struggles and ups and downs in general. High-pitched vocals in the chorus are bright like the sun, striking like thunder and are supported by earth-shattering music and rhythm. Beautiful combinations! Strong impact.

The album at this point keeps giving more and more impressive structures and incredible storytelling. 'Try and Find Love' brings you back to the artist's original standard and definitive style followed by 'Turd Furgeson' which derives a robust persona that gives us more insight revealing higher quality potential. Last but not least 'Up In My Bed' leaves no doubt about what John can deliver when it comes to a complete package wrapped nicely in this exemplary experience. Nothing less, nothing more! Something to be inspired by and learn from, John leaves a permanent mark.

Definitely listen to 'Mind of a Madman II' by John Keenan, releasing on 30th January 2023, so buckle up and stay tuned on John Keenan's social media accounts for updates.

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From John:

"Artist and producer John Keenan is excited to announce the release of "Mind of a Madman II," his highly anticipated follow-up to his debut album. The 14-track hip-hop album features a mix of pop influences and
boasts collaborations with X-Raided, Krizz Kaliko, and Samantha Dalton. "Mind of a Madman II" delves into the inner workings of Keenan's mind, touching on themes of love, loss, and the struggle to find one's place in the world. From the introspective "First Entry" to the nostalgic anthem "Old School," the album showcases Keenan's versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners on a deep level.
Fans can expect a mix of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics, all wrapped up in a cohesive package that showcases Keenan's growth as an artist. With guest appearances from talented artists, this album is sure to be a must-have for any music lover. Be sure to mark your calendars for January 30th and get ready to experience the "Mind of a Madman II" in all its glory on all digital streaming platforms."

About John Keenan:

"John Keenan is a rapper and producer who is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique approach to hip-hop. Born in Great Bend, Kansas, John discovered his musical talent at a young age and began working on his craft. After attending Kansas State University and developing his skills as an artist, writer, producer, singer, and engineer, he released his first mix tape, "Mind of a Mad Man," which sold over 1,400 copies.

Addiction played a significant role in John's life, but he was able to overcome it and start anew. He used his music as a platform to express himself and launched his own Indie label, Full Circle Entertainment. He released two more mix tape compilations before releasing his first EP, "One Day at a Time," in 2011.
In 2012, John released his debut album, "Where I Went Wrong," which interlaces R&B with other aural derivations. The album, which sold over 1,000 physical copies and 500 digital copies, discusses his struggles and how he was able to overcome them. In 2013, he released his sophomore album, "Imagination to the Nation," which was inspired by eclectic hip-hop, rap, and Indie music.

In 2014, John moved from Kansas to Phoenix, Arizona, where he began working on his third album, "The Illusion of Logic." The album, which was entirely produced by John, was completed in 2015 and released in 2016. It features guest appearances from his brother, Mark Keenan, Twisted Insane, Scott Martz, Whitney Peyton, and Carla Ayala, among others. In 2018, his 4th fully self-produced album, “Late Bloomer” was released and he joined Illest Uminati on the Northwest Warpath Tour.

John Keenan is a talented artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. His music is relatable, honest, and inspiring, and he has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry."