Levels - 'Curious Coincidence'

A new indie band with guitar-based instrumentals. You'll immediately notice the modulation effects like chorus and phase that create movement in the tone with time-based effects like reverb and delay for depth. The composition is short and sweet, and full of melodies with distinctive chord progression. You'll notice the tuning being slightly off, which actually gives a raw emotion coming from the musical duo. It's a little bit of everything from blues to lo-fi, creating layers of styles which are well blended. Drums are as indie as they can get. Subtle punch with natural compression, muted tones and mono snare with light cymbals really defines the independent genre bound to no rules. The overall experience is an  introspective feeling that has curiosity and coincidence.

Definitely listen to 'Curious Coincidence' by Levels on YouTube.

About Levels:

“Indie band from Dubai, founded in 2020, Levels consists of guitarists Faariss Khalil and Grayson Soares. The independent band write, record and produce their own instrumental guitar music. 

Grayson, originally from Goa, India is the lead guitarist and a technical wizard both on the electric and Spanish guitar. Faariss, from Bristol, UK with a DJ background brings a less refined, instinctively melodic feel in his guitar playing. He drives influence from Indie, Folk, Blues, and Electro, while Grayson has a background spanning Metal, Rock, Funk, Groove-core, Blues and Acoustic/Spanish.

The duo write instrumental music that can be described as Ambient, Indie/Emo, Cinematic, Blues and Psych-pop.”