Mike Berman - 'Make It Rain'

A mellifluent easy listening single, showering rain of dulcet melodies. The simplicity of music has so much impact that it makes the feelings instantly warm and core-touching. Hope for a miracle, a humble emotive appeal speaks from its lyricism. The Dadgad alternate tuning makes the guitar sound beautiful and resounding. Open strings always greet with resonance and blend with other instruments seamlessly. Mike's vocals are lovely, pleasantly euphonious and as sweet as honey. Soulful harmonies with bottleneck guitar gently slide through interpretations. A straightforward beat covered in the acoustics of the drums makes this song easy to follow. The twangy guitar adds to a wide range of guitar styles and tones included in this song. 'Make It Rain' is a musical ariose manifesting the authentic sound of folk.

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About Mike Berman

Rooted in the folk-rock sound of California, Mike paints pictures and tells stories through his songs. Mike’s sound takes its inspiration from the music he grew up with -- The Byrds, Jackson Browne, Carole King, and Bakersfield heroes like Merle Haggard. His album, Where I’m From (1/23) presents an artist who’s come a long way to find his voice and is ready to offer it to the world.

Mike Berman - 'Make It Rain'