Living in your mind is like living in another world. The co-existence of your conscious self living alongside all the clutter in your head is being explored here. 'All In Your Head' attempts to derive meaning from it. Its minimal and subtle lyricism has a metaphorical aspect and explores the vast and endless thoughts and entities that you collect and store.

Musically, as well as keeping the composition simple and smooth, the song has many key elements that are highlighted through variations and articulations. Traditional rhythm and sound layered by modest insertion of psychedelic tones, just by using guitars and percussion, are noteworthy and creative. The drums have the power to draw impact over the beat with a sharp staccato. Warm and pumping bass heats the low end of the track while sustaining the guitar riff creating a consistent loop.

The vocals are dominant and have a volume that crosses the music behind them. The hook has interesting vocal harmonies that add more melodic colours to the song. The compression of the mix is gentle enough to keep the dynamic range open, keeping the sound raw and real. 'All In Your Head' has depth in the music just as much as it has its thoughtful meaning behind the lyricism.

Definitely listen to Alpha Cat's 'All In Your Head' on YouTube.

About Alpha Cat:

"Alpha Cat started as a band and morphed into a collective. In the mid-90 Elizabeth McCullough, a photographer who had begun writing songs on her own ran into some old acquaintances. One was James Mastro, whom she had photographed while he was in the Bongos. She asked if he would listen to some of her 4-track demos. He was in the market for pix for his new project the Health & Happiness Show, which at that time included former Television guitarist Richard Lloyd. McCullough and Lloyd got to talking, and Lloyd agreed to play on the first studio demo of McCullough's songs. The Mastro connection also led to a friendship with Television bassist Fred Smith, who agreed to produce a new demo and co-produced two Alpha Cat CDs."