Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

Closing the distance of euphonious tender melodies and deeply sentimental poetic lyricism, 'valentine's day' is a story of a heart recollecting long-gone memories of nurtured love, full of ups and downs and embracing the abrupt end of its wonderful journey, never having reached its destination. It's a tale of missing love weighing heavy on the mind although being an unforgettable part of life. Kayla Friend establishes solemn emotions with her intensely profound voice that drives the message. The vocals have immense control over expressive tones that holds a whispering softness as well as a striking brightness that evolves as the song goes by.

The beautiful mellifluent composition is a literal musical choreography, an arrangement that layers instruments like a storyboard. Each instrument feels like it's communicating not just with the singer but also with each other, admiringly thoughtful and relatable to many!

The familiar and cosy sound of strings, including guitar, ukulele and rich and passionate cello brings more movement and quality blending together to be one with the flow. The piano reaches through the clouds into higher octaves with floating and sustaining notes while a saturated organic electric bass spreads warmth, submerging into the dynamics of the song. The remarkable background vocals with spacious and atmospheric harmonies are breathtaking. A slow but strong introduction to the drums adds a more acoustic feel to the song while producing a pattern like floating on the tides of the ocean. They hold the steady rhythm that unfolds the beauty of this song beat by beat.

'valentine's day' is a natural and unpretending interpretation of conscious remembrance of lost love.

Definitely listen to 'valentine's day' by Kayla Friend, released on 27th January 2023 worldwide.

Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

Notes from the artist:
"A tragic-yet-hopeful reminiscence of love lost, valentine's day sings the bittersweet acceptance of chapters closed too soon. Written by Friend and recorded at Elevated Music Studios in Nashville, TN, this soft, cinematic ballad is tenderly evocative of early Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, plucking at the listeners' heartstrings with vulnerable, distinct lyrics and a sweeping melody.

Producer and mixing engineer Wilson Harwood can also be heard on guitar, ukulele, and electric bass for the single; the track features Alex Johnson on drums and Alex Stradal on cello, adding a sweeping, cinematic feel to the track that is reminiscent of The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson or even called you again by rising star, Lizzy McAlpine.

Mastered by Grammy Award-winner Gavin Lurssen, valentine’s day is guaranteed to indulge your inner longing for lyric-forward sad-girl songs this winter."

About Kayla Friend:

"California-grown, New York aged, rooted in south-central Texas. 

​With a small-town heart and big-city grit, Kayla penned a creative home for herself somewhere in the middle - merging the melodic sensibilities of early-aughts adult contemporary and indie-folk pop with subtle nods to her background in musical theatre."

Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

"An emerging singer-songwriter, her focus on vulnerable, relatable lyrics coupled with earworm melodies creates an authentic, open invitation for the listener to hear the soul behind the song. ​Musical influences include Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, The Weepies, Maria Mena, Maisie Peters, Hanson, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Brandi Carlile, and Regina Spektor."

Photos by Rob Hernandez.