Mahamaya Experience ft. Ranjit Makkuni on Sitar - 'Dance in Her Light'

The universal sound of Sitar holds many wonderful and fervent tones that are deeply expressive in nature. With non-stop musical creativity, Ranjit has profoundly presented the art and approach towards love through such soulful and melodic instrumental. The glimmering jewel-like tone of Sitar i.e Jawari hits delightful frequencies giving you an insight into the great Mahamaya Experience.

You can feel the depth of resonance that communicates with you at a transcendental level. Everything sounds fresh, full of clarity, and breathing life. This ethereal track has a rhythm formed through the combination of percussion pacing alongside the intricacy of bass and treble.

A dynamic and passionate adventure into unrestrained thoughts defined by the touch of strings, 'Dancing with Her Light' is a story of love, a journey of finding love, being lost in it, losing it and finding oneself again. It's a song submerged in a beautifully crafted poetic rendition.

Definitely listen to 'Dancing in Her Light' by Mahamaya Experience.

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Mahamaya Experience ft. Ranjit Makkuni on Sitar - 'Dance in Her Light'

About Mahamaya Experience:

"The Mahamaya Experience presents the most vibrant, rhythmically energetic, melodically intricate and hope-filled music flowing out of South and South East Asia.

The term Mahamaya stands for one being steeped in illusion, and in falsely believing that the only means to happiness is through ego-based domination of others.

Mahamaya's songs ask us all to visualize an alternative world which is not driven only by 'ego-based technology and 'phallic' innovation. We have all seen that technology-driven societies have imposed their values on many cultures in the world which have already been rooted in advanced, sophisticated worldviews centred on ecological awareness, positive psychological well-being, self-control, non-violence and compassion for all!

The journey to 'non-ego' is not dispassionately passionless, nor musically uneventful.  Mahamaya's music presents some of the most melodically complex works showing complete passionate engagement with the celebration of life's intoxicating illusions, and these intricate melodic motifs and layering build up and lead the apex of what's possible in celebrating life's passions, and the insatiable pursuit of beauty. But like all forms of crescendos, finally, the artist needs to be ready to simply 'walk away', and get back to the world of non-ego!"