Michael M Jeni - 'Touch'

Michael is back with his rendition of his trademark afrobeat vibe that wonderfully encompasses and keeps the freshness intact. 'Touch' is a medium that opens the mind and translates the feeling of love, an expression of being one with the person you love and want to be with and cannot be without. The musical tone is polished and shiny, with pitch-perfect modern production. Lyrically, the song manifests the familiar emotions of comfort and destress based on the presence and absence of the person closest to the heart.

The song strongly signifies the unique sentiment only that a beloved person can make one feel. Melodies are cosy and the rhythm is catchy with the overall instrumental background heart-touching and articulated. The musical elements are captivating, inducing long-tailed reverbs and filling the headroom with a moody ambience. Everything circles around the vocals including harmonies that highlight the creative aspect. 

There is a good audible balance of lows in the form of bass, guitar and kick alongside highs in the form of a bright snare, hi-hats and Michael's alluring voice. The artist has already defined his identity with compositions that blends sounds to make good influential music, and 'Touch' is one of them.

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About Michael M Jeni:

"I’m Michael M Jeni, an AfroPop/AfroBeat artist based in Iowa and born in Idaho. Music has always been a part of my life since birth. I start and end my day with music every day. My love for music came at the age of 3 if I’m correct. My parents used to tell me stories that I would imitate dance moves, and singing from artists like Michael Jackson, and Koffi Olomide, and that’s where it all started. Even going through elementary to high school I played the violin, I was in the honours choir, and was able to learn music theory which helps with everything I do music-wise today.

Michael M Jeni

Fast forward to 2015, I lost my mother to cancer, I had to find different ways to channel emotions that I was feeling so I turned to writing music, and here we are today. Over time hearing people's reactions to my music, and how it helped them through a situation, or how it inspires them, that’s what lets me know I’ve chosen the right path, no matter how long it takes. Music is my outlet to express myself and the things I go through, if I didn’t have music, I honestly wouldn’t be here and that’s a fact” My style of music is different, as mentioned before, my style is “AfroPop/AfroBeat, in Iowa, that is rare, my sound is rare and different, which I don’t mind, it’s me. I have to do what’s authentic and raw, and my African Rwandan heritage is me, minus the politics and issues in Rwanda. Growing up I was afraid to let my peers and others know was African, I was bullied because of it, but today I have a greater appreciation and understanding of my culture."