Ozurie - 'To The Moon'

A four-minute-long deep dive into this paradisiacal expanse of sound will break the barrier of your reality, transporting you to a transcendental place. It builds its distinctive identity through an endless mind-captivating stream of dynamic frequencies. You can visualize the power that is generated by the united resonance of spacious electric guitars and their tones, layered and panned brilliantly. Heavy, distorted and intangible energy keeps emitting from a quality harmonic saturation of guitars. They build a whole other layer of spectral sounds that embodies strong emotions.

Breathy, airy vocals have a beautiful soothing characteristic that puts a dreamy influence encouraging the melodic strength of this composition. Drums are punchy, having a fat sound with tight compression driving rhythm with consistency and force. You can hear the cymbals smashing and slowly dissolving, merging with the transients of other elements. Lyrically brief and musically prolonged, Ozurie's performance of such a genuine art form casts a feeling of passion carried by the fervency. Have a trusted free fall in this music that has a subtle touch of psychedelia with an ethereal aesthetic.

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About Ozurie:

"Our goal with this project was to express raw and honest emotions through hazy, ethereal, and heavy sounds."