SIR-VERE - 'Peer Pressure'
A song that succeeds in describing and depicting the challenges of remaining authentic in a society that expects conformity, a SIR-VERE attack on unwanted peer pressure. Thriving with the massive significance of heavy electric bass blending with fast-paced electronic beats, it's an opiate that puts you in a spiral of powerful mesmerism. With such a great hypnotic consistent rhythm, the song is conversational in nature, sharing wise words about liberating oneself from the drudgery of dealing with the world demanding every bit of you to be what it wants. It depicts a strong defence to be yourself.

From a melodic aspect, the song continues to dig a passage through the fusion of spicy elements of rock, and electronic genres. The sound hits a perfect balance of warm subtle distortion, resonating delay effects, and punchy impactful energy. The source of power comes from hard-hitting lyricism and banger instrumentals. The beat drop into the chorus from the verses gives you a flashy and addictive hook. Vocals at the core, elevate the mix sprightly and pushes the emotions to the next level. The voice feels bright, lively, and animated, with a spark of dynamic and vital force that carries the meaning of this song.

It's a jet that never runs out of fuel till it lands in your head, permanently becoming catchy, and occupying your mind. The great escape from peer pressure also starts by acknowledging it, which this song surely does in a confident and self-important way.

Definitely listen to 'Peer Pressure' by SIR-VERE from the album 'Lovescope' on Bandcamp.

A note from the artist:

"Sir-Vere returns with another big hitter from their forthcoming ‘Lovescope’ album, the addictive earworm ‘Peer Pressure’. Backed up by award-winning Vodzilla remixes & S-VAS remixes.

The track is another example of the extra firepower and versatility the Milton Keynes outfit are capable of wielding with its newly expanded four-piece lineup. With the band’s leader frontman, Craig Hammond joined by the pure vocal power of singer Ian McEwan, they portray the struggle of trying to stay true to yourself in a world that demands conformity over a swaggering electro-rock rhythm.

The group – completed by Gary Morland (guitars, bass, keyboards, production) and Stevie Vega (programming, S-VAS remixer & DJ) - draws from punk, alt-rock, dance music and even a little bit of funk to deliver an instantly memorable performance, one that signifies the subtle move to a more live and direct sound that will become clearer with the arrival of the album ‘Lovescope’ on March 27th 2023.

Sir-Vere will be taking the ’Lovescope’ album out on the road throughout 2023, starting with a hometown gig to launch the album at Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms on February 24."


“We stick to our guns,” says Craig Hammond of SIR-VERE, “you could almost call it stubbornness.”
That resolute nature, almost bordering on missionary zeal, has certainly served the Milton Keynes groove merchants well. The band’s musical aesthetic, to fuse the filth and the fury of punk and the power of rock with the irrepressible momentum of breakbeat, house and techno technology, is sublime.