What a unique start to an album! The great beginning is marked by the track 'BADDERZ' which stands strong with its message of educating the critics with poetic sarcasm! Interesting samples circle around the beat and bass hits the ground shattering the trolls, thanks to the production talent of SKOLZ. On other hand, CHOZE's rap style is unmatched. A spectrum of rhythmic variation throughout the verses that CHOZE has tight control over is like incandescent particles fired in the sky through powerful lyrical pyrotechnics. He is the pyrotechnician that knows how to arrange every single word perfectly to get fired up, putting on a show that only a true artist can send out. The mix is great, ending with a low-pitched speech summing up the thoughtful narrative.

'WAKE UP' featuring CORPZ and Barrington Levy starts with a transition that continues with the vibe of the previous track, quickly dropping a heavy bass and molten beat that drips like lava, blending smoothly with CHOZE's fast-paced rhyming or rapping. Performance screams perfection and passion channelizing through the artist's voice. It's a self-aware track that knows its potential and impact, skipping nothing and covering every facet of staying wide awake and ready for a breakthrough. Literally breathtaking!

The toughness goes off the roof breaking and crossing all the boundaries. Like the speed of light, goes the rap spitting verses, no gimmicks, only intensity. CHOZE calls out people in 'BUILT 4 DIS', not equipped or prepared to handle a particular situation or challenge and lack the necessary skills, strength, or resilience to deal with the difficulties they face. The hype that this track builds from the start does not disappoint. It's a rap battle that has already been won by CHOZE before it even started, exposing the weaknesses of its rivals like WikiLeaks. The quality of lyricism is going higher and higher along with his robust flow.

A free fall into 'DRUG MUZIK' turns the energy knob to full. Produced by Shai Sevin and DJ LYNX and fueled by CHOZE and Skibadee, the stamina and wordplay is the recipe of this track. Abstract and original, this mix has something that you won't find anywhere. Over the past few tracks, the momentum is solid and is further carried by this track. The minimal and snappy beat is in contrast to the massive bass and synth while impressing with strenuous rap.

'D.I.Y INTERLUDE' suddenly emerges with an orchestral ambience with CHOZE at the centre giving an insight into the perspective that sheds light on a mindset that encourages individuals to take control of their own lives and take on tasks and responsibilities that they would otherwise rely on others to do. It boasts a brief motivational speech by CHOZE that inspires you to be the architect of your own destiny. You have the power to shape your own future and determine your own success by taking action and making choices that lead toward your goals.

Continuing the D.I.Y mentality, the track 'D.I.Y' itself tells us how CHOZE is taking matters into his own hands and is working hard to represent and uplift the people in his community, who they see as the source of their inspiration. He encourages the listener to follow their passions without being held back by external factors. This track is one of the most exquisite, musically, reminding all of a similar theme that goes along in this glorious album. CHOZE shows confidence in his abilities and his serious commitment while breaking down barriers. Listening in-depth, CHOZE even goes on to say that he is facing competition from others who are trying to take advantage of his success. Even then, he is determined to make his dreams a reality.

'NOTHING TO LOSE' is a much more immersive dive into CHOZE's mind, speaking out loud and clear about struggle and hustle. CHOZE, in this track, represents someone who has faced challenges and difficulties from a young age with little opportunity for a better life. Tribulations have had a negative impact on his mental and emotional state, causing a loss of confidence. Despite this, he has chosen to maintain a positive outlook and strive to overcome any negativity in his life. The track also emphasizes the need for determination and taking action to achieve their visions, even if it means going against the norm.

Again, the beat is sick, adding sampled instruments like brass and using melodies that encourage the emotions driven by CHOZE, who mentions that their current circumstances in the streets have left people with nothing to lose, making it easier for them to take risks toward their goals. Powerful and influential!

'I APOLOGISE' pours out a regretful acknowledgement, unveiling mistakes in fallen relationships and broken promises. Every track including this one has absolute lively motion in form of rhythm and melody not lacking even for a single second. The 808-style beat and bass reverberate, providing a tough spine throughout the track. It's a stunning intro as always, and rhythmic deviations accompanying the flow of the rap have become addictive at this point. CHOZE genuinely expresses regret and remorse for causing pain and hurt to others. It's personal and something that reveals his deeper side. 

Continuing to 'LAST 1's LEFT', CHOZE raps about how he and artists like him are the last ones to reflect on the nature of success and fame in the music industry and question the motivations of those who pursue it. Starting with a line that clearly represents CHOZE's distinction between music that is popular and music that is truly impactful. He is constantly questioning the motivations of those in the music industry, asking if people in the industry are motivated by artistic expression or material success. He is asking what people in the industry plan to do when their fame fades, some really eye-opening lyricism going on here! He even goes on to make fun of such artists, dissing them for using childish ghostwriters to write for their plastic music. On other hand, he is encouraging those who remain true to their artistic vision to remain true to their beliefs.

The production and composition of each track have defined its own unique identity and emotion. Getting closer to the end of this album, 'SENDING ME SIGNS' is another track that adds metaphorical significance that connects the words to one true meaning. Emotions are firmly expressed by lyrical coherence covering elements in life profoundly rooted within CHOZE's life.

Ending with 'YOU', a track humbly dedicated by CHOZE to the glory of the person who believed in him. A beloved and special person who he thanks and presents immense gratitude for all the support and trust.  Throughout the whole album, there are a lot of things that symbolise empowerment performed through various life-affirming events and learnings.

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About CHOZE:

"As they say, if you’re going through hell, keep going. It’s a mantra that has been the foundation upon which avant-garde rapper CHOZE has built his underground empire. The London-based artist, at first, was travelling down quite a different path in life; his success was born of a failure that saw him have to build his self-esteem from the ground up.

As a young teenager, he had been scouted to train for professional football teams from Millwall to Queen’s Park Rangers, but an ankle injury saw his untimely release. It was then that he decided to pursue his most abiding passion: music. “Music was my saviour”, CHOZE says. It was a constant in his home growing up, with a music-loving family imprinting the grooves of Michael Jackson into his childhood memories, unknowingly shaping the trajectory of his future career.

It was when family member Neutrino, half of the DJ and MC garage duo Oxide & Neutrino, skyrocketed to success with their game-changing Number One UK single “Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)”, that CHOZE knew, from that moment, that this was what he wanted to do. It was then that CHOZE started to cut his teeth on the influential pirate radio stations such as Deja Vu FM and Delight FM. It was a thriving underground scene which would carve a path for grime kingpins Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy to rise up. Through this community and its DIY spirit, CHOZE found a safe space to gain the confidence to start recording his own music.

CHOZE artist portrait

When he started to gain traction networking and recording demos, he was approached by Virgin Records to sign a record deal with a boy band. While the offer may have been commercially tempting, CHOZE knew the music they wanted him to be involved with didn’t represent him as a musician – he prizes his identity and his artistic integrity above all else. It was clear that CHOZE didn’t need a major label record deal to thrive on the London music scene. His first live performance was with iluvlive, a music development platform that were responsible for showcasing Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Tinie Tempah, to name but a few. It was there that he caught the eye of host Ras Kwame (BBC 1XTRA, Capital XTRA), who told CHOZE that his dynamic performance and onstage charisma was his highlight of the night.

As he began to release his music, the likes of Sony’s Flava TV started to showcase his hip-hop cuts, from “Out of The Dark”, to “Now Your Life Begins”. CHOZE began to generate so much hype that he was crowned Flava TV’s “One to Watch”. It would be his genre-defying track “Sell My Soul (I Won’t), featuring Max Stone, generating a quarter of a million views on YouTube, which would garner praise from music critics across the board. The song would be played by Kelis’ DJ, Nikki Beatnik, and Capital FM’s Andi Durrant. It placed him as one of hip-hop’s most exciting rising stars.

CHOZE has also become a flagbearer for fighting the knife crime epidemic in London after a 15-year-old teenager was murdered on his Clapham estate as he was growing up. His experiences with hardship have injected his music with an unapologetic grit, which saw him invited to the stage of Hammersmith Apollo by MBE Paulette Randall and Sir Lenny Henry as part of their anti-knife campaign, ‘It’s No Joke’ as well as becoming the first rapper to headline the Union Chapel and Wilton’s Music Hall. From now on, his every move is future thinking. He has his sights set on releasing his long-awaited debut LP, called “DIY”. Not only is it a bold, definitive statement on CHOZE’s identity as an artist, but it also recaptures the essence of the ‘old skool’ era that raised and shaped his sound.

“DIY” boasts a line-up including the original king of drum and bass, Skibadee, as well as producers DJ Lynx, SKOLZ, Renzo and Shai Sevin. Signing with Kartel Music Group, CHOZE, at last, has the means to realise his vision on a global scale. “My dream”, he shares, “would be for this album to be respected not only by my peers and idols but from the organic followers who appreciate the art I’ve always tried to create and project.”"