vhsgus - 'Voice Messages'

Creating a sense of escape from a fast-paced world, this cosy and contemplating instrumental by vhsgus brings modern Lo-Fi with a 'laid-back' vibe. The track dissolves into your mind, pouring its simple yet thoughtful composition gently. The atmosphere that it creates around your headroom has warmth, character, and beauty in imperfections, essential for such a emotive genre. This piece of art gives a feeling of nostalgia, introspection, and coziness.

Wavy piano and indie electric guitar are welcoming, further leading to a mellow ambience of wide open layers including downtempo beats, jazzy accents, and smooth, trip-hop influenced elements. The bass hits right where is feels perfect while long sustaining pads at the beginning lands you on floating clouds. The taste of that sweet analog flavour filled with nostalgia also lives here, balanced alongside the clarity of production.

The true meaning behind this instrumental effectively capturers the emotional experience of receiving a  message from a friend or loved one who is far away. The track is intended to have a metaphor for expressing heartfelt tribute to the power of recorded memories, and the deep emotional connection they can evoke in the form of - 'Voice Messages'!

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About vhsgus:

"vhsgus is an American singer-songwriter and producer going through a metamorphosis. What initially started out as a Lo-fi project has evolved into a collaboration among artists and friends. In 2023, vhsgus launched his video podcast Chillhop Talks where he interviews other chillhop artists, lo-fi musicians, and producers on how they started and grew as artists within the chillhop community. On February 3rd, 2023, vhsgus released "Voice Messages" a lo-fi chill beat that conveys the feeling of receiving a voice message from a long-distance friend or lover."

vhsgus - 'Voice Messages'