APE - 'Anti-Matter'

'Anti-Matter' is the latest album by the eclectic band, APE. It features twelve songs that showcase their diverse musical style. With a fusion of psychedelic, space rock, punk and metal genres, APE's new album is a thrilling journey through the vast expanse of sound. Each track on the album takes the listener on a unique and immersive sonic adventure, blending heavy guitar riffs, mesmerizing rhythms, and hypnotic vocals. From the trippy and otherworldly vibe of "Cosmic Dust" to the sheer fierce and raw vibrancy of this album, 'Anti-Matter' is a bold and experimental masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of music. APE has created a work of art that will leave a lasting impression on any music enthusiast who dares to take a plunge into the sonic universe.

The album begins with the title track 'Anti-Matter'. This song sheds light on the reality of the current situation with the environment. A haunting feeling of annihilation comes to mind followed by an apocalyptic narrative.

Heavily distorted guitars cover the space, and drums merge with the thickness of the bass giving that nostalgic tone that metal and rock heads are familiar with. The intro builds up to an emotive chord progression that gives a blazing energy of unrestrained expressive temperament. This musical tone continues throughout the album.

'Alien Fascination' brings us a cool guitar riff and a fast-paced exuberance. The lyrical depth is closely related to the philosophy of various experiences a mind is capable of. You will find this aspect across the album in the form of subtle metaphors. Here, this track is well-wrapped in compression, shimmering cymbals and hi-hats and longtail delayed echos. This track is a dream shredder filled with surreal infatuations. The rhythm is crazy consistent, lacking absolutely nothing, creating one hell of an adventurous and crazy ride.

'Fact of the Matter' is another speedy headbanger that hits like a lightning bolt striking with a ground-shattering impact. This hard-hitting track is rough and tough, pouring melodic variation in your ears. An endless boost of vitality through vocals matches equally with the unified power of the instrumental.

Continuing towards 'Out of Sight' we get some resounding elevated lead guitars, captivating and influencing the theme strongly. Smashing through the beat, the bass touches the core of your soul along with the fatal distortion of guitars that captures the essence of this song. It's massive and weighty, hammering your eardrums with its assertive force. High-note vocals are flawless and possess the strength of a storm. This track is one of the wildest performances in this album so far!

The subtle inclusion of guitar leaks and riffs combined with solos in between alongside rhythmic and scale variations makes these songs engaging and more interesting to listen to.

'Feeling the Pressure' is spot on! It holds the pacing of the previous track while entirely changing the feel. The title of this track speaks for itself and the musical manifestation of the theme expresses it even more. With different chord progressions, this track stands out with its dramatic significance and pauses. Repetition turns to addiction while listening to this fleshy and dense rendition from an amazing band.

What's so special about all these songs is that every single instrument including vocals is composed very thoughtfully and carefully, showcasing the talent of each. 'Wargames' is another such track that carries the mastery of the bass. The bassline is so beautiful and melodically immersive that in this track it takes the spotlight. Sustaining sounds that elaborate the lyrical importance while thoroughly keeping you high at all times with smooth production is a stroke of genius.

The honourable mentions are 'Space Cowboys' and 'Something to Say' which highlight the punk rock side of this album. An aggressive snare akin to a machine gun hits like a bullet.

'Prelude' brings back the grungy beat-crushing personality with intriguing rhythmic interpretations making the way for 'Song That Should Not Be'. At this point, you are in freefall with this song as its catchy hook gets stuck in your head. Besides this track, 'Open University' resumes musical storytelling. To wrap up, we are given 'Ronnie's Rayguns', we must understand that the band has included studio and live versions in this album which is actually great as it gives listeners an insight into their passion and dedication towards their music. This album is an unstoppable journey through a mixture of genres.

Definitely listen to 'Anti-Matter' by APE on Bandcamp.

About APE:

"Band formed during covid lockdown out of boredom and ended with 14 original tracks. Roll on 2 years and, we played 2 festivals and have one lined up in the UK in August (Sol Fest)Also had our track Fact of the Matter played on National Radio."

APE - 'Anti-Matter'