Booker Brooks - 'Sober'

Brooks' captivating and distinctive opening sets the stage for a mesmerising journey, as his velvety voice washes over you, coaxing forth a tranquil tide of feelings. The electric guitars gleam and sparkle in perfect harmony with the acoustic guitars, as they weave their way through a tightly controlled rhythm. The composition and arrangement of the track are strikingly melodious, with a vibrant and invigorating energy that rejuvenates the senses and imbues everything with refreshing clarity. In a seamless fusion of electronic elements and live instruments, this piece achieves a remarkable variety and robustness, lending a distinctive flavour and enhancing the overall ambience.

The song's ever-changing musical performance offers a treasure trove of uncharted renditions, featuring mellifluous and euphonious vocal harmonies, accompanied by perfectly synchronised instrumentation. A masterful use of reverbs and delays, coupled with the addition of background vocals, infuses Brooks' voice with a captivating depth and richness, highlighting his remarkable talent. As it slowly builds to a crescendo, this potent and emotive mix evokes a sense of melancholy, driven by introspective lyrics that are beautifully crafted, set to a soulful and heartfelt melody that perfectly captures the mood.

Get ready to feel some serious emotions because Booker Brooks' latest single "Sober" is an absolute powerhouse of a song. It's all about letting go of a relationship that's been holding you back and using sobriety as a way to show yourself some love and respect. Brooks' lyrics are raw and honest, and they really hit home.

In fact, Brooks himself has gone through his fair share of toxic relationships, and he knows firsthand how important it is to let go and move on. "Being aware of the effects of a toxic relationship in my life has been an important mechanism for growth. This meant reframing and managing my relationship with my thought patterns, food, alcohol, people, and exercise," he says.

But don't worry, it's not all heavy stuff. The song itself is a real banger, and it's clear that Brooks has put his heart and soul into it. He produced and mixed the track himself. So if you're looking for a song that's both powerful and catchy, "Sober" is definitely one to add to your playlist.

Released on March 24th, 2023, 'Sober' by Booker Brooks is available to stream right now on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Listen to the track here -

About Booker Brooks:

Booker Brooks' music is like a delicious cocktail of sounds - it's a mix of different genres that you know and love, but also has a fresh twist to it. He's got a real knack for taking inspiration from musicians who push the boundaries of what's expected, like Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Ben Howard. But at the same time, he keeps things nice and simple, which makes for some seriously catchy tunes.

Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Booker's upcoming album "One Way Ticket" was inspired by his travels. He spent a couple of years living in Melbourne and then decided to hit the high seas and play music on a cruise ship. And let's just say, that experience really stirred up some creative juices. In fact, he wrote and recorded a whole EP called "Time Can't Wait" while onboard the ship, and even released a single called "Round The World" that he wrote during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Booker Brooks - 'Sober'

After all that, he got to work on his debut album, and released his first single "Childs Mind" in December 2022. It's clear that Booker's passion for music and travel have combined in a really unique way, and we can't wait to see where his adventures take him next!