Pretty Killer - 'Blood Sugar'

This song explores the dark and dangerous side of human desire. It delves into the harsh and often destructive feeling of lust and how people use unhealthy relationships to avoid facing their real sentimental problems. The electronic music covering the pop aspect is aligned perfectly with the punk element, complementing the song's message by providing an upbeat and energetic sound that matches the severe and sometimes chaotic emotions that the lyrics describe.

The buildups climbing towards the major drop through verses and chorus create a huge impact, flowing through your headroom. The driving guitar riffs and fast-paced drum beats help to convey the raw intensity of lust and desperation in context to the lyrics.

The melody has a distinctive sound that helps to explore deep unrestrained themes that hit home. The lyrics are upfront about the risks of using harmful connections as a way to avoid dealing with emotional issues, making it a meaningful contribution to those who've felt intense craving and emotional detachment in their lives.

The rhythmic variations are engaging and the punchy tone mixed with balanced, melodic frequencies covers the colourful spectrum of emotive musical elements of warm bass and crunchy highs. The music even has a surprise up its sleeve with its sudden switch of the beat connecting to the climax keeping the composition unique. 

Speaking of the vocals, they literally paint a picture of being consumed by passion, giving depth to this cautionary tale of addiction and a bond that's hard to let go of. The title itself is an excellent metaphor for such a thoughtful song.

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In Pretty Killer's words - "This song is about lust. About using toxic relationships as a substitute for facing the real problems one experiences. It's about the detachment of real emotions and feeding the ego self despite the risk of self-harm."

About Pretty Killer:

"Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Pretty Killer could be described as nu-punk, electro-pop, or some blend of pop, hip-hop, grunge, and punk. Either way, they are tapping into a new sound for a fresh start different from the typical “Warped Tour” band yet in the same vein. Jason Pascucci (vocals/guitar), Andrew Quinn (guitar/bass), and Jacob Blondin (drums/production) started the band in 2021 breaking out from a former band which they all were members of and would eventually bring on long-time friends Cody Buteau (guitar) and Jared Brunelle (synth) with the intention of evolving into a new sound.

This evolved sound, one that steps away from classic “pop punk” and into a scene that is still being defined. After signing with the label, We Are Triumphant and writing their debut single “Blossom” featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman, Kellin Quinn and label mate, Monty Xon, the band quickly gained traction and has been staying with the momentum ever since.

Pretty Killer - 'Blood Sugar'

Taking influence from a wide array of artists such as Nirvana, Blink-182, Mac Miller and Linkin Park. Pretty Killer sees the death of genres on the horizon and heads straight towards it, letting go of the rigid, outdated idea that bands must stay in their genre lane and carving a new path."