Scot Sier - 'Newspaper Man'

Scot Sier's latest release addresses a unique subject: the changing newspaper industry and the dedication and concern of those within it. The song encourages us to consider the challenges faced by those who have sold newspapers on the corner for decades, and who may struggle to adapt to the modern press.

Musically, the song is astonishing with its broad guitar riffs and licks, covering every corner of your headroom with a blanket of electrifying melodies stacked upon each other. The pacing rhythm builds up urgency and tension through the powerful sound of the drums. The warmth of the bass adds saturation underneath the semi-clean tone of the guitars. The theme is beautifully decorated with well-balanced instrumentation that provides space for each instrument to shine.

Consistent energy opens the gates to a blend of an exquisite guitar solo, captivating gentle background vocals and again, the impressive sliding bass. The rock/alternative genre is known for its raw, emotional sound, and this song has an emphatic and evocative flow that complements the lyrics. It effectively conveys the feeling that resonates with people, not just covering the concerned state of the changing media landscape but also with its remarkably tuneful, euphonious, and sonorous mix.

Scot's voice has an enchanting resonance, a tonal range with a strong emphasis on loudness that puts life into this song. The natural and communicative style of singing works best for such a heartfelt narrative. Combining all the elements of the song, it becomes a tribute to the newspaper men and their commitment to the job, as well as a commentary on the changing nature of the industry. The song musically and lyrically captures a sense of nostalgia for a time when print media was more prominent.

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About Scot Sier:

"The truth is out there - it just depends on where you look for it. If you are searching for the answers to some serious questions about the world we live in today, then look no further than “Space And Other Things”, the forthcoming album by the talented and spiritual Scot Sier."

Scot Sier - 'Newspaper Man'

"Freedom of speech, human rights issues, and equality for all are the underlying themes prominent throughout his 2nd full-length, 8-song LP, “Space and Other Things”. The guitarist and singer-songwriter give us the meaning behind his new album by saying, “The goal of the new album is to showcase songs that serve a higher purpose fueled by my concerns over free speech, human rights abuse, rising inequality, and climate change.” Sier further explains, “I wrote and produced each song to deliver universal messages that I hope will bring people together to create a more enlightened world through meaningful change.”"