Scot Sier - 'Space And Other Things'

With a passion for social justice and a deep concern for the state of our world, Scot Sier has crafted an LP that is more than just music - it's a call to action. Each song has been carefully written and produced to deliver universal messages that address critical issues such as free speech, human rights, rising inequality, racism, and climate change. The album's overarching goal is to inspire meaningful change and promote unity through shared values. Through 'Space And Other Things,' Scot Sier invites listeners to join him on a journey towards a more enlightened world, one where we come together to address the challenges facing humanity. Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and energized as you embark on this musical adventure.

Opening with 'Colonizer', the vintage space theme plays through the Moog electronic synthesizer and transforms the tune into an astonishing collaboration of instrumental music with the smoothness of Scot's familiar voice. It is composed and performed so well that the smooth melodies and lyrics strongly puts one in a state of wonder and worry at the same time as its deep metaphorical commentary begins. Let go of yourself in a masterful synchronisation of resounding guitars, drums, percussion, strings, brass and even flutes, as this track brings a hypnotic musical wave revealing its core narrative.

Uncovering a few aspects of this song, one understands its deep and thought-provoking side that touches upon the current state of our world. It explores the notion of human connection and our desire to find purpose in a society that is largely defined by consumerism and the pursuit of power. The song incorporates a blend of powerful beats and intriguing sounds that transport the listener into the unknown realms of space. It raises questions about who will represent our species as we venture into uncharted territories and whether the wealthiest individuals will lead the way. Overall, 'Colonizer' is a profound and insightful song that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. It is a genre-bending journey that combines stunning soundscapes with profound lyrics.

Up next is a song entitled 'LGBTQ'. It is an empowering anthem that celebrates and embraces the unique diversity of individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. It could inspire listeners to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights and promote acceptance and inclusion while combating discrimination and bigotry. The possible impact of this song is endless with its boomy funky exciting style and upbeat that promotes love. Delicious basslines and guitars drive the energy under Scot's catchy vocals. A crispy and tight beat takes control alongside an abstract tune making the whole composition interesting and memorable.

This album is a proficient example of how music can convey emotional value and depth on the subject matter. The richness of the music and its various elements work together to create an immersive experience for the listener. The album successfully captures the essence of individual topics through its use of instrumentation, melody, and lyrics, highlighting the emotional nuances and complexities of the theme. Overall, the album is a testament to the force of music to evoke emotions and evoke thought on important issues.

We have previously talked about 'Newspaper Man' in Melodymine magazine. It's an impressive track that pays tribute to the dedicated work of a beloved newspaperman. The song reminisces on the challenges that long-time newspaper vendors face as they struggle to keep up with modern press technologies. From its mighty guitar to the beat-chasing rhythm, the music captures the urgency and tension of this struggle. The driving drumbeat creates a sense of momentum, while the warm bass tones round out the instrumentation, giving each instrument room to shine. Through its nostalgic and reverent tone, the song honours the dedication of newspaper vendors and celebrates the era when print media dominated the industry.

'Refugee' is a standout track that captivates the listener with its impressive and engrossing mix of key changes. The guitar takes centre stage in this powerful song, driving the melody forward with force and intensity. The spacious strings back Scot's effective vocals and a transition where we hear instruments like sitar and tabla mixed with electronic and acoustic drums. 
Through its lyrics, the track provides a glimpse into the painful journey of refugees and the immense challenges they face. The song's themes of empathy and solidarity, human rights, social justice, cultural identity, diversity, and home and belonging are all included, making it a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring action on behalf of those who have been forced to flee their homes. It's an open call to break the chains and bring a change that encourages listeners to join together in a collective effort to bring about positive change, particularly in the context of the refugee crisis.

'7 Generations' welcomes refreshing trumpets to an already huge band of musicians who are veterans of their skills, showcasing them through sensational performances. It is a striking, unequalled musical arrangement that establishes its own identity through thoughtful melodic rendition. Listening closely to the song reveals the concept of the '7 generations' by a respected leader of the Oglala Lakota tribe known as the Chief Crazy Horse. It refers to a belief that the actions of one generation have an impact on the next seven generations to come. In this context, Chief Crazy Horse's prophecy was that the Oglala Lakota people would experience seven generations of suffering and hardship before they would achieve spiritual unity and prosperity. The song exquisitely emphasises the teaching and perseverance of the Oglala Lakota people in the face of this prophecy, as well as driving inspiration to elaborate its lyrical expression from their eventual triumph in achieving unity and peace. Overall, the song is a tribute to Chief Crazy Horse and the values of spiritual unity and perseverance that he embodied. A tribute to the prophecy of spiritual unification. 

At this point in the album, Scot Sier has definitely nailed the mindful creation of a distinctive music style. Nothing feels like it's been heard before, at least not in such an artistic form. Truly original! And there's more to come...

'Venus' is a free-hand drawing on the large canvas that this album already has provided, shooting high-pitched notes, glittering within chord progressions. It is a wild ride with thought-provoking words that captures the essence of the human experience in the modern world. The song tends to point towards a vivid picture of a society that often feels hollow and superficial with its poetic and evocative lyricism. Firing up the strong punchy drums and shooting into the skies with the amplified guitar, this track brings out more impact mixed with some spicy electronic sounds, and, of course, Scot's quality vocals. On the other hand, the song has emotions that are particularly poignant, representing the emptiness and shallowness of modern culture, living in a society that worships materialism and consumerism, leaving many feeling lost and adrift. 

After an immense gush of complex musical embroidery, we get some outstanding vocal resonance with a leading saxophone. The opening line of 'The Actor', "I am just a man who lost his way", sets the tone for the song, conveying a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty. An actor or performer feels most alive when they are on stage. However, even in their art, they are fighting an internal battle, expressed lyrically in the song as the 'curtain hides the darkness of his fight'. The song is a narration, a speech highlighting the struggle to articulate complex emotions and the fleeting nature of time while also finding solace in the experiences and words of others, and the actor is constantly chasing their dreams.

'Memory In Time' is a deeply personal and introspective song that echoes the profound impact of a life lived. This song is a dedication to the artist's parents which adds a layer of emotional resonance, underscoring the idea that our lives are inextricably linked to those of the people we love. A calming ambience with reflective vocals. The song also evokes a sense of wonder and awe at the grandeur of the universe, juxtaposed against the relatively brief span of human life.

In conclusion, Scot Sier's highly anticipated album, 'Space And Other Things,' is more than just music - it's a keen and honest observation of humanity. 

Definitely listen to 'Space And Other Things', released on 25th April 2023 worldwide.

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About Scot Sier:

Scot Sier - 'Space And Other Things'

The truth is out there - it just depends on where you look for it. If you are searching for the answers to some serious questions about the world we live in today, then look no further than “Space And Other Things”, the forthcoming album by the talented and spiritual Scot Sier.

Freedom of speech, human rights issues, and equality for all are the underlying themes prominent throughout his 2nd full-length, 8-song LP, “Space and Other Things”. The guitarist and singer-songwriter give us the meaning behind his new album by saying, “The goal of the new album is to showcase songs that serve a higher purpose fueled by my concerns over free speech, human rights abuse, rising inequality, and climate change.” Sier further explains, “I wrote and produced each song to deliver universal messages that I hope will bring people together to create a more enlightened world through meaningful change.”