3isthemagic - 'I Awaken'

The album title track 'I Awaken' is a standout piece that showcases the unique and captivating style of 3isthemagic. The track's warm electronic synth provides the perfect complement to the artist's extraordinary voice, creating a mood that is simultaneously introspective and uplifting. As the title suggests, "I Awaken" is a song about personal growth and transformation, with lyrics that suggest a deep sense of newfound awareness and understanding. The heavy and tight kick, bound with bass, drives the beat forward, while the artist's lyrical metaphors draw listeners in with their emotional depth and intensity. Overall, 'I Awaken' is a standout example of 3isthemagic's distinctive sound and storytelling style, offering interpretation of a powerful and thought-provoking message about the potential for growth and transformation.

This is a great start to the album showcasing 3isthmagic's formidable skills as a songwriter, producer, and performer.

'Infinity' brings beautiful lofi piano melody, and the 808s give the track an added layer of depth and richness. The track continues the pursuit of achieving unlimited success and overcoming obstacles to reach one's destiny. 3isthemagic's desire to achieve infinite success or to reach a state of unlimited potential can be interpreted in this track. Despite any challenges or obstacles that may arise, the artist is determined to achieve their goals and fulfill their destiny. It gives an insight into importance of perseverance and determination.

'Chance' is the next track that explores the deep emotions that come with the decision to take a chance on love. This track delves into the uncertainty and vulnerability that often accompany matters of the heart. The production on 'Chance' is similarly nuanced and emotive, featuring melancholic melodies and brooding 808s that perfectly capture the song's introspective tone. An approach towards minimalism can be experienced here where less is more, adding precision to the execution with quality. The lofi accent characterized by its dreamy, confessional, diary-like lyrics allows each element of the song - from the beat to the vocals - to shine through with exceptional clarity and impact.

'Be Mine' by 3isthmagic is a standout example of contemporary hip hop that seamlessly blends various elements of the genre to create a truly captivating listening experience. It has a shade of chill vibe The track incorporates the use of 808s, trap hi-hats, and melodic rap to build a rich and textured sonic landscape that perfectly complements the song's relatable lyricism. The rap style holds the key that elevates the track, delivering a raw emotion and honesty that is both refreshing and impactful. One of the most striking aspects of "Be Mine" by 3isthmagic is the way in which it balances its emotional intensity with a chilled-out, laid-back vibe. The track features a relaxed tempo and soothing melodies that give the song a sense of calm and tranquility, while still delivering on the hard-hitting beats and bars and emotionally charged lyrics.

'Wait' opens with a captivating blend of guitar samples and soulful melodies that weave a rich and intricate soundscape. 3isthemagic expertly captures the feelings of anticipation and eagerness that arise when we wait for something or someone important. This sense of being caught in limbo, eagerly waiting for a crucial moment or opportunity to arrive, is captured with effortless finesse. Despite the weighty theme, the track remains a veritable tour de force of musical prowess, with 3isthemagic bringing all his skills to bear. Building on the energy of the previous tracks, 'Wait' boasts a banger beat that never fails to get the heart racing.

'Hear You' comes with another catchy vocal delivery which is equally distinctive, characterized by a balance of singing and rapping that emphasizes melody and emotion over technical prowess. Euphonic sample is adequately arranged in the background for intro and outro. Overall, this track emphasis on clarifying unsorted matters and can be interpreted as a way for understanding and a desire to work through issues in a mature and constructive way. 3isthemagic's self-reflection is a defining characteristic of the artist's work, setting him apart from many of his contemporaries in the hip hop genre.

'Something New', an upbeat with an addictive music and vocals. 3isthemagic's chase for something new has brought us this amazing track that drives on delightful gentle piano, consistent hypnotic electronic tone and firm beat. 3isthemagic is departing from the past and embracing new change in order to move forward. It's a personal story of ascending to new heights, both literally and metaphorically. Overall, the track may be about the importance of letting go of old habits, beliefs, and patterns in order to create something new and fresh. The track also emphasizes the need to focus on personal development rather than external validation or material gain.

'Keep It Up' has arrived with a fresh and vibrant beat, tailored perfectly to suit the theme at hand. This musical masterpiece hints at a mindset that uplifts one's spirits, guiding them through the journey of self-discovery and transformation with sheer determination to reach the pinnacle of their potential. As the final track on the album, 3isthemagic, with his lyrical finesse, deftly weaves a tale of growth, using metaphors to paint a vivid picture of his transformation. It serves as an inspiration to all those in search of motivation, representing the idea of a far-reaching and ambitious destination that beckons one to keep pushing forward, undaunted.

Be sure to check out the worldwide release of 'I Awaken' by 3isthemagic on April 21st, 2023! Stay tuned on his website and social media platforms to know more.

3isthemagic - 'I Awaken'

About 3isthemagic:

As a child growing up in Dallas 3isthemagic found himself in and out of the foster care system. 3isthemagic naturally delved into writing and music heavily to cope with not having a support system. 

Although, 3isthemagic has been compared to Kid Kudi and Juice WRLD, there is no one in the music industry that can match the unique sound of his voice. His melodic flows balance well with the story telling and metaphors.