Maria Rago - 'Day of Hundred Candles'

'Day of Hundred Candles' is a mesmerising instrumental composition belonging to the Classical Contemporary genre, composed by the brilliant Maria Rago. This exceptional piece is a true work of art, featuring the enchanting soprano voice of Laura Gomez and a delicate orchestration of strings that blend seamlessly, creating an ethereal quality that transports the listener to another world.

The melody of this composition is a thing of beauty, with a strength and purity that can express feelings of tenderness, love, and longing. As the composition gently shifts key and the pitch rises higher, the skillful performance of the artists is showcased in full, leaving the listener in awe.

One of the unique qualities of 'Day of Hundred Candles' is its gradual evolution, with the form changing from a delightful entry towards a more powerful piece that conveys complex emotions with clarity, warmth, and authenticity. The music's conversational style of delivery and smooth phrasing adds to the sense of intimacy, creating a deep connection between the artists and the listener.

The composition explores themes of love and tenderness, inviting the listener on a journey of pure emotion and beauty. It could also suggest a celebratory or joyful mood, depending on how the listener interprets the themes of love or passion along with a range of emotions. The music is so naturally delivered that listeners can interpret the meaning for themselves, solely on the mastery of this captivating craft.

In summary, 'Day of Hundred Candles' is an exceptional piece of music, with notes that travel like a flowing river, portraying a picture of pure emotion and beauty. Maria Rago's composition, and the skillful performance of Laura Gomez and the orchestra make this piece a timeless masterpiece of classical contemporary music.

Mark your calendars for May 20th, 2023, as that's the day Maria Rago's masterpiece 'Day of Hundred Candles' will be releasing.

About Maria Rago:

'Maria Rago, an Italian pianist and composer, embodies curiosity and compassion in her approach to music. Although she was born in Sicily, she currently resides in Illinois, USA, where she has built her career in music. Despite starting late in the music world, she has found a way to express her emotions through her music, which has led to her works being performed worldwide.

Maria Rago - 'Day of Hundred Candles'

Rago began playing the piano at the age of 24 and studied with Lea Cumbo at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali V. Bellini di Caltanissetta in Italy, where she graduated and continued her studies with Eliodoro Sollima. She then went on to study composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon, France with Philippe Schoeller.

Aside from her love for music composing and photography, Rago also finds inspiration in travel, black and white movies, and other forms of art, such as paintings by Caravaggio and Picasso, and literary works of Dostoyevsky, Strindberg, and Beckett.

Rago's diverse influences are reflected in her music, which seeks to challenge, soothe, and stimulate her audience's senses. Her dedication and talent have granted her the opportunity to perform in festivals and theaters throughout Europe and the USA.

Her works have been nominated for various awards and have won numerous accolades, including the Global Music Awards Honors (bronze medal). She recently won the Best Video award for "Voice surrounding the city" and Best Music at the Christian Film Festival 2018 (Newport News, USA) with American-Brazilian director Rafael Fernanz. Additionally, she won the Best Music award at the American Tracks Music Award International Contest 2018 (Los Angeles, USA), the Aphrodite Film Festival (New York, USA), and the Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills, USA).

Rago also took second place at the Paris Play International Film Festival (Paris, France), the Artists Forum International Music Competition (New York, USA), and won the Award for Best Music at the X World Short Film Festival (Las Vegas, USA) and Anabelle Munro’s Most Important Films (Las Vegas, USA).'