Raised By Fred and Alice - 'L'

An album that delves into the different dimensions of love and relationships that shape the life of the main character, a rock star. Infused with hard rock, 'L' takes the listeners on a journey filled with intense guitar riffs, thunderous drumbeats, and driving basslines, that evoke a sense of urgency and raw emotion.

Starting with 'Love or Money', a massive impact from vocals and instrumentals sets up the tone of this album.  Lyrically, the protagonist takes a defensive stance against the frustration and confusion, defending the accusations of making false promises and being suffocated by the other person's demands. and was seeking a casual fling, not a serious relationship. Lyrically and musically easygoing, the underlying context of this song may have a deeper meaning to the point where this song explores the complexities of modern relationships and the difficult choices people often have to make between their heart and their head.
The guitar riffs, in particular, feel like a sonic assault, with the musicians using distortion and effects to create a wall of sound that surrounds and engulfs you. The solos are also particularly impressive, with the musicians displaying their technical skills and ability to shred with finesse. The vocals are sky high with the range and natural vibrato that reach into the depths of your hearts enriching your musical taste.

Moving to the more melodic song 'Light a Path', we get the most out of its proficient composition and arrangement. From punchy drums and lead guitars revolving around the spacious headroom centre staged by vocals to a key change in the second half of the song that uplifts the whole energy of the track. A recipe masterfully crafted by every band member, it also has a very introspective meaning to it portraying a metaphor for finding hope and direction in the darkness, and for being a beacon of hope for others who may be struggling.
The drums feel like a driving force, propelling the music forward and providing a solid foundation for the other instruments to build upon. The rhythms are often complex and syncopated, adding an extra layer of interest to the music. The album is highly expressive and holds nothing back, performing the highest level of thoughtful freedom through its immense power of music.

'Longfellow Serenade' is a cover of a classic song by singer-songwriter Neil Diamond. The lyrics of the song evoke a romantic and nostalgic mood, as the protagonist sings about a special someone who inspires feelings of love and joy. In fact, the song's title is a reference to American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who was known for his romantic and sentimental poetry. This version infuses the classic ballad with its own unique hard rock sound, adding layers of distorted guitars and driving drums to create a powerful and emotional rendition.
The band's lead singer brings a sense of raw emotion to the lyrics, infusing each line with a sense of longing and desire that adds depth to the song's romantic themes. It fits well within the album's exploration of the different facets of love and relationships.
The bass feels like the backbone of the music, providing a sense of groove and anchoring the music to the beat. The bassline is often melodic and intricate, adding an extra layer of interest to the music.

Ending with 'Loving You', the energy stays consistent. It is a powerful and head-banging track that perfectly captures the themes of love and passion that run throughout the entire album. The combination of fiery music and heartfelt lyrics creates an unforgettable performance that will leave listeners feeling energised and inspired. The love that the protagonist feels for a woman in this track has a sense of adoration and admiration musically and lyrically. With intense passion, respect and emotion, the high-energy music only serves to amplify these feelings.

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About Raised By Fred and Alice:

Let us introduce you to a hard rock band that goes by the name Raised By Fred and Alice - a rather unique moniker that pays homage to two musical icons, Mr Rogers and Alice Cooper. With a name like that, you'd expect a wild ride of musical influences, and that's precisely what you get!

Their debut album, Redemption, is a concept album with a faith-based, positive influence that will have you headbanging in no time. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The band has now released an EP called "L" that delves deeper into the main character's life and experiences, exploring the many cycles of relationships and love that have shaped him.

The EP takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of the protagonist's life as a rockstar, from the passionate, fiery moments of lust and love to the crushing blows of loss and heartbreak. Each track paints a vivid picture of the various forms of love that have touched the character's life, leaving a lasting impression on his soul.

Raised By Fred and Alice - 'L'

What's more, the band members are all seasoned musicians who take their craft seriously, yet never forget the joy of playing and entertaining. They've been playing together for years, honing their skills and finding their unique voice. And if you catch them at their regular gig as a Wisconsin cover band called Kings of Radio, you're in for a treat.

The songwriter, music writer, and bass player of the band has also taken on the role of the lead singer on many of their tracks. With a voice that can soar to incredible heights and reach into the depths of the soul, he brings the lyrics to life in a way that's truly captivating.

So if you're looking for a hard rock band that combines faith, positivity, and an unbridled passion for music, Raised By Fred and Alice is the band for you. Their music will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of life, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for the power of love and the beauty of music.

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