The Typewriters - 'Kickflip Backflip'

'Kickflip Backflip is an invigorating and experimental EP by The Typewriters that chronicles the artist's growth and learning process in music production and mixing. With a unique approach that blends phonk with other genres, The Typewriters aim to push the boundaries and explore creative ways to expand the potential of this emerging genre. Let's delve into the tracks and see how The Typewriters have crafted this quick little phonk EP.

'Keep On' ignites the atmosphere with an electrifying energy that compels you to move to its upbeat rhythm. The unique sound can be described as a fusion of retro broken radio vibes, mesmerizing vocal samples, and pulsating synths. It's a perfect blend of catchy vocal hooks and dynamic beats that create an addictive groove, drawing you in with its irresistible charm. The exploratory elements mentioned earlier are skillfully interwoven in a systematic and sequential manner, making this track a delightful adventure to follow and groove along with. The seamless fusion of different musical styles and elements makes 'Keep On' a compelling and funky musical adventure that leaves you craving for more.

'Breakphonk' delivers its music right in its title, serving up a tantalizingly amazing auditory reality that becomes even more flavorful with each listen. Its fast-paced rhythm, propelled by a beefy beat, is complemented by an array of plucked synth elements that orbit and intertwine in a perfect symphony of abstract sounds. The track's loopy nature and relentless energy are akin to a musical high, drawing you in with its hypnotic groove and leaving you craving for more. It's a daring and experimental concoction that pushes the boundaries of conventional music, offering a unique and unforgettable listening venture that leaves a lasting impression. 'Breakphonk' is a sonic feast for the senses, a bold and unconventional recipe that delights and surprises with its distinct taste and innovative approach to music production.

'Ferris Wheels In The Sky' takes on a captivating new form in this remix, infused with the unique theme and tone of the album. Originally released by The Typewriters in their album 'Boredom', this revamped version breathes fresh life into the track. The vocals from the original make a subtle but impactful comeback, layered in the background, adding a touch of nostalgia and familiarity to the reimagined composition. The melodic aspect of the track remains a mesmerizing centrepiece, carrying forward the hypnotic feel that has been established in the previous tracks. The alluring melodies weave a spellbinding sonic tapestry, drawing the listener into a dream-like state.

'Pharaoh' highlights and drops a spotlight on the glitch-hop side. The track keeps a consistent flow with many creative and visionary variations. An instrumental piece like 'Pharaoh' leaves room for individual interpretation, along with the title that itself evokes images of royalty, conjuring visions of grandeur, mystery, and power. It shapes its meaning through its sound structure, encouraging its impactful and immersive resonance.

'Mystic Fakir' may summon images of mysticism and spirituality, evoking an essence of otherworldly intrigue and wonder. As it goes on, it is also delving into the enigmatic melodies and immersive soundscape of the piece. This track could also represent a musical exploration of metaphysical realms, capturing the essence of archaic wisdom practices. The exotic melodies and soporific rhythms may draw you into a realm of transcendent otherworldly dimensions.

'Under Glass' is a track that injects a meaning of eccentricity with its mesmerizing glitches, flawlessly arranged with a crisp, fresh melody. The music creates a delicate yet exquisite beauty as if it is carefully enclosed within a metaphorical glass, evoking a sense of emotional sensitivity and introspection. Ending with 'Project 7', the enigmatic track delves into the realm of numerology, where numbers hold symbolic significance. The mystical allure of the number 7 infuses the music with themes of intuition, reflection, enigma, and hidden truths. Boomy bass and playful creativity with rhythm make this track extraordinary.

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About The Typewriters:

The Typewriters - 'Kickflip Backflip'

"The Typewriters is a band without genre, never know what to expect next out of us because I can guarantee it ain't gonna be like something we've put out before. Experimentation is the name of the game, so much more can be done with music that just really doesn't get touched upon. I'd like to be a stepping stone to influence a future generation of musicians. The Typewriters is primarily more rock-oriented, however, that does not leave out room for a little boundary-breaking in established genres and blending unique soundscapes together. There's always a concept behind our projects.

This phonk ep going strong off numerology, the focused number on this one is 7. The project more than anything was a tool to teach myself how to produce, mix and master better, so the next album that comes out will be at a significantly higher standard than anything else previously released. When The Typewriters started, we mainly just did noise, shitposts and parodies on obscure genres. While the humour behind that hasn't left this group, the goal is to make stuff people would actually want to listen to, so more recent endeavours have been more focused and grounded."