DJ DeT Vibe - 'Under Protection'

'Under Protection' by DJ DeT Vibe is a spellbinding journey to a mystical and fantastical world, where imagination reigns supreme. Right from the opening, the track transports your mind to a place where anything is possible, and magic is just around the corner.

The combination of stunning thumping rhythm, intricate melodies, and hypnotic atmosphere creates a cinematic soundscape. The track opens with the grandness of strings and drums, which are then embraced by the piano and other electronic accents. The mountain of sounds covered with the greenery of versatility and vision, cultivates a sonorous and dynamic feel, that keeps you engaged and intrigued throughout.

'Under Protection' is an ever-evolving adventure that reveals new fiery layers and progresses through stages, ensuring that each time you listen, there is always something new to discover. Towards the second phase, the rhythm gets stronger and more uniform as the power of electronic harmony erupts like a volcano. Colourful transitions are built by the calm and silent pieces that link the dramatic ones, contributing to an intriguing storyline.

The track inspires a sense of protection, ease, and security. The context depicted in this track of riding through a fog-covered field and a magical forest with a warrior princess also suggests a sense of adventure, with the listener feeling protected and supported on their journey through an unknown and mysterious landscape. It is a story-driven instrumental that takes the listener on a journey to a far-off, supernatural, and mythical world.

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About DJ DeT Vibe:

"I was with a former popular DJane for a while, and that is when my love for EDM really grew. The image was chosen for several reasons. The detective noir look was chosen for two reasons.  First, I want the focus to be on the music, not the looks of the DJ. The other is the premise of the music.  I know remixes are very hot in EDM, but I am trying to go in another direction; searching for great vibes. The music being created is original, I am trying to avoid remixes unless it is something interesting; for example, currently in the works is a Glenn Miller (big band) remix.  My goal is for each track to be more than music, my goal is for each track to tell a story, to invoke the listener's imagination."

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