IMPERATORE is back with another magnificent track, presenting an irresistible experience through their latest release, 'Invisible Hands.' As we all know, the distinctive and expert blend of rock and opera in their musical style showcases a remarkable level of creativity and authenticity, leaving an indelible impression on the audience.

The vocal and instrumental range of this song is certain to move the soul, with a diverse range of emotions conveyed through the melodic strings and piano, striking guitars and bass, and head-banging rhythms emanating from the drums. The song goes through various phases extending the range through flawless artistry. The dedicated performances emit an unparalleled energy that transcends mere passion and devotion towards both the theme and the art itself.

The lyrics are filled with imagery and emotion, evoking a misty and mysterious atmosphere that perfectly matches the song's composition. The use of poetic language and powerful metaphors create a sense of transcendence and spiritual awakening that is both inspiring and moving.

The elevated operatic vocals add a layer of grandeur and possess transformative power, describing the feeling of overcoming obstacles through the blessings of 'Invisible Hands'. The song takes the listener on a journey of spiritual growth, inviting them to open themselves up to the possibility of enlightenment.

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IMPERATORE is a band from Perth, Australia. The group is quickly making waves in the music scene with their unique sound and dynamic style, involving a combination of heavy rock, progressive, and operatic influences. The band, which was formed in 2022, released its first single, “Imperatore,” on the 15th of March 2023 and received a lot of positive feedback. Soon after, a full-length self-titled album followed. The band released “IMPERATORE” on the 14th of April 2023. The album features eight songs, each offering a distinct insight into the band’s diverse style.

IMPERATORE stays true to its name, which means “Emperor” in Italian, but delivers a truly majestic take on rock music. The production of the album is very crisp, allowing the band to showcase their massive, dynamic tone.

IMPERATORE’s music is a unique blend of Opera and Heavy Rock, creating a very melodic yet impactful formula. The band’s style is very emotional and inspiring in terms of lyrical themes and evocative soundscapes, as the songs are vividly striking and cinematic. IMPERATORE is a band that brings innovation and creativity back to the rock and metal scene.