The Handsome Bandit - 'Spotlight EP'

Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey with 'Spotlight EP' by The Handsome Bandit. This EP flawlessly melds the allure of piano-forward melodies, the electrifying vigour of rock-infused energy, the infectious catchiness of pop sensibilities, and the ethereal heights of soaring harmonies. With subtle hints of swing woven throughout, this musical masterpiece is a testament to the band's boundless creativity and unparalleled originality.

The Handsome Bandit - 'Spotlight EP'

'Fantasy' commences with an irresistible and powerful beat, enhanced by the beautiful melody of a pristine piano. The song exudes a sense of immediate clarity, thanks to its minimalistic approach, allowing ample room for the vocals to shine. Its lyrics depict a complex and troubled relationship, exploring themes of lost love, disillusionment, and a longing for escape from a reality that feels suffocating. It holds a desire to keep love away due to past pain and turmoil alongside a lack of trust and a preference for lust over the emotional connection, questioning the purpose of waking up to the realities of a relationship. The song also holds a realization that the idealized version of love they once had is no longer sustainable. The vocals by Eric Niequist skillfully weave together precise harmonies, conveying the profound and thought-provoking theme through a tapestry of emotional and sentimental tones.

As the pace quickens, we transition to 'Pages,' a composition brimming with delightful melodic surprises, compelling you with its enchanting variations. The harmonies take centre stage, creating a powerful and impactful chorus. With intricate articulations, thoughtful key switches, and a refreshing vocal delivery by Allison Hogan, this song oozes nothing but high energy, irresistible from start to finish. The intertwining of duet voices evokes a beautiful sense of introspection and contemplation, inviting reflection on the past while contemplating the possibilities of the future. The song takes you on a journey of revisiting memories and experiences, each offering a different perspective while hinting at the idea of choosing which memories to embrace or carry forward. The lyrics explore themes of the intricacies of understanding one another's needs, the allure of dreams, and the importance of living in the present while appreciating the shared journey with a sense of closure and new beginnings.

'Lost' showcases the remarkable vocal range of Eric, layered atop a captivating and intriguing chord progression. The song becomes even more alluring with its seamless transitions between distinctively composed sections, skillfully woven together to create an exquisite and engaging musical experience. The song delves into themes of self-discovery, fear of vulnerability, the complex interplay between truth and deception, and the desire for genuine connection amidst a journey of personal exploration. The lyrics touch upon the idea of maintaining a facade or hiding one's true self, acknowledging the control one has over the perception of others through one's unconscious manipulation and sleight of hand. It also has an interpretation that holds a desire to bridge the gap between their inner world and the outside world. Beautifully written and performed with passion and dedication!

'Hourglass' unveils a heightened melodic facet of this album, delicately evoking the bittersweet strings of the heart. Carrying on with the instrumental motif, the music envelops listeners with a captivating piano and the comforting depth of the bass, intertwining harmoniously with the magnetic voices of Eric and Allison. The presence of acoustic drums, resonating through the walls, accompanied by shimmering cymbals and hi-hats, not only in this song but throughout the entire album, vividly convey and illustrate the profound emotions embedded within the music. The lyrics tell the story of a young boy who, despite his fears, strives to make the most of his life and pursue his dreams. He captures moments through photographs, cherishing the opportunity to preserve the fleeting experiences he would otherwise lose. As time passes and he transitions into adulthood, he grapples with fear and finds his relationship strained. The troubled man seeks solace in his old Polaroids, hoping they will somehow heal the pain he avoids facing.

As the seasons continue to pass and time grows short, the lyrics emphasize the importance of seizing the present moment and appreciating the beauty reflected in someone's eyes. The photograph serves as a reminder during challenging times, holding a profound significance that surpasses its surface value. The lyrics then shift to an old man at the end of his days, regretting missed opportunities and longing to reconcile with his past. His world, captured only through the lens of his camera, leaves him disconnected from genuine human connection. The lyrics ultimately express the urgency of treasuring the present and embracing love, knowing that it is a precious and irreplaceable gift. The message encourages living authentically, making amends, and cherishing each moment as if it were the last.

Prepare to lose yourself in the evocative and singular soundscape of "Spotlight EP." Each track, a masterpiece in its own right, will transport you to realms unknown, leaving an indelible mark on your musical consciousness.

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About The Handsome Bandit:

Born out of the Chicago Suburbs the band, The Handsome Bandit discovered its unique cocktail blend of Pop-Rock with a sprinkle of Swing when two creative singer-songwriters merged their artistic passions. Eric Niequist’s powerful lead vocals and edgy bass riffs weave alongside the intricate piano melodies and warm vocals of Allison Hogan. The Handsome Bandit will have you energized and enthralled with their foot stomping sing-alongs, dynamic ballads, and thunderous anthems! 
Music Includes: “Spotlight EP” 2020, “Believe You Me” 2019, and “Sneaky EP” 2010. 
Venues performed: Double Door Chicago, Cubby Bear Chicago, Reggies Chicago, Penny Road Pub, Clearwater Theater, Lily’s Chicago, Two Brothers RoundHouse Aurora.

The Handsome Bandit - 'Spotlight EP'