Chris St John's ability to convey his innermost thoughts and emotions through his music is a testament to his artistry. He paints a vivid sonic landscape where vulnerability is celebrated, and personal growth becomes an anthem for the lost souls seeking their place in the world. He has created timeless compositions that transcend the boundaries of a sentimental peak, touching the very core of our existence. It is an invitation to reflect, to reconcile our own contradictions, and to embrace the beautiful imperfections that make us human.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the ethereal beauty of 'The Sinner and the Saint,' and let it unlock the depths of your own emotions. Chris St John's musical prowess combined with his contemplative lyrics will leave an indelible mark on your soul, resonating long after the final note fades away.

Beginning with 'Black and Blue', this song presents a theme of emotional pain and the struggle to let go of a relationship. With its beautiful string guitar performance held tight with rhythm and bass underneath Chris' vocals, the song expresses a reluctance to end the relationship, and let someone go. It implies a deep emotional attachment and a desire to hold on despite the difficulties. The song beautifully sings through a person torn between the desire to hold on to the relationship and the recognition that it has been emotionally damaging. It reflects the complexity of emotions and the struggle to make a difficult decision, potentially leading to a state of feeling emotionally bruised and worn down.

With the next song, the soothing energy continues with melancholic poetry and a sentimental melody. 'One Last Dance' sinks deep in your memories as Chris sings about emotions that revolve around the themes of heartbreak, longing, and the desire for closure. The song beautifully presents the feeling of a  heart being taken and emotions being disregarded or devalued. It has a depth that conveys a sense of emptiness and loneliness. It signifies the aftermath of the breakup, where the person wakes up to the reality of their partner's absence and the emotional void left behind. Chris is overwhelmed by the weight of the past, reminiscing about the initial moments of his relationship and wondering how he could ever forget those memories. The chorus speaks for itself, requesting reconciliation. Despite the pain and heartbreak, Chris yearns for a final opportunity to make things right, to reconnect, and share one last meaningful moment with their former partner.

These songs possess a captivating storytelling arc that not only resonates with the artist but also establishes a connection with the listeners. They are crafted and composed in a manner that effectively communicates and engages the audience on a personal level.

'I Love You' is the next song which continues the overflowing tuneful quality of this album. A mellow and gentle instrumental slows down time and captures the true essence of love. Chris in this song expresses a profound and enduring love for someone who has had a significant impact on his life. It emphasizes the sense of home, belonging, and security that this person brings while recognizing the ever-changing nature of life and relationships. The lyrics celebrate the power of love and the depth of the connection shared between the speaker and their beloved.

'The Hard Way' beings fast pace rhythm with echoing guitar solos. This dramatic song gives you wisdom through Chris' life, exploring themes of disillusionment, personal growth, and the realization that life can be challenging. Chris depicts a childhood filled with love and a sense of security. It reflects an idyllic time when he had a carefree outlook on life. But eventually, the song reveals a shift in Chris' perception of authority and the realization that the trust he had in institutions was misplaced. This suggests a loss of innocence and the recognition of deception in the world. A verse about riding a bike to school and teachers teaching the truth in the speaker's youth emphasizes a period of purity and faith in the information he was taught. However, he eventually learns that even the truths he held dear were distorted, leading to the realization of these lies "the hard way."

The album proceeds to the title track 'The Sinner and the Saint', which resonates with a poetic quality, inviting you to contemplate our own duality. The words remind us of the potential for transformation that lies within each of us. They speak of hope, the belief that redemption is within reach, and the yearning for a deeper connection with something greater than ourselves.

From the very first strum of the acoustic guitar, you are transported into a world where melodies transcend mere notes, and emotions cascade like a symphony of crashing waves. The acoustic drums set a gentle, steady rhythm, providing a strong foundation for the profound introspection that awaits. As the strings embrace the composition, they add a touch of elegance and grandeur, perfectly complementing Chris St John's poignant vocals. With each line, his voice resonates with raw vulnerability, breathing life into the heartfelt lyrics that touch upon the universal human experience of seeking solace and salvation.

The addition of the bottleneck guitar creates a haunting ambience, invoking a sense of melancholy that lingers in the air. It weaves its way through the melodies, symbolizing the tugs and pulls we encounter in life's journey, as the sinner and the saint within us wrestle for dominance. Beneath it all, the bass serves as the heartbeat, grounding the composition with a deep, pulsating presence. It not only drives the rhythm but also reflects the inner conflicts and intricacies of the human condition.

The chorus, with its powerful refrain, encapsulates the essence of self-awareness and self-acceptance. It resonates with authenticity, reminding us that we are imperfect beings on a lifelong journey of self-discovery. 'The Sinner and the Saint' is an auditory masterpiece that tugs at your heartstrings, leaving you teetering on the precipice of introspection. The way it effortlessly captures the complexities of human emotions is nothing short of breathtaking.

'Now I Know', signifies a newfound awareness that life is not solely filled with pleasant things like flowers and rainbows. Metaphorically, an aftermath of a celebration, the temporary nature of happiness and the eventual return to reality are represented by the arrival of tomorrow. It also tells you about the small joys and moments of escape in everyday life, even in the face of impending challenges. Thoughtfully written and performed, this portrays a realization that life encompasses both joy and sorrow and that it is through embracing the complexities of existence that true growth and understanding can be achieved. It encourages you to find solace in your own experiences and to strive for personal liberation and resilience.

This album possesses a remarkable quality as it revolves around the introspective and uninhibited vantage point of Chris' life. It weaves a tapestry of music that engages the audience in heartfelt conversations through its lyrics. With a captivating simplicity, the album effortlessly invites listeners to comprehend and forge connections with the rich context it presents.

With a rocking entry, 'Harbinger' is a song that blends layers of instruments, seamlessly uniting them into one powerful beam of light that unfolds the meaning behind it. This song showcases an enchanting blend of new riffs, intricate fillers, and a refreshing tone that seamlessly combines the raw energy of rock guitar with the delicate essence of strings and the subtle grace of piano. In this musical composition, Chris finds an accompanying voice that allows for the exploration of multiple perspectives. The diverse elements come together harmoniously, providing a compelling landscape that enhances the storytelling and amplifies the emotional impact of the song. It holds a crucial theme of guidance, caution, and the consequences of one's choices. The lyrics imply that Chris is beckoning this harbinger, asking to reveal the secrets of their unique perspective or path. The harbinger is seen as someone who can offer guidance or forewarnings. The song powerfully articulates the significance of heeding signs, being mindful of the consequences of one's actions, and the transformative power of embracing guidance. It emphasizes the importance of making choices that align with one's own well-being and long-term goals.

After the mystical presence of 'Harbinger', the gloomy theme of the album is brought back with the next song called 'Long Goodbyes'. With its sorrowful articulations, Chris' vocals along with the guitars and strings, contribute to the detailed composition that explores the bittersweet nature of endings, the passage of time, and the lingering pain associated with letting go. It carries a realization that beauty eventually fades and hearts can experience sadness and tears. It signifies the transient nature of pleasant occasions and the inevitability of saying goodbye. It highlights the clarity that emerges when the end is near and how some things are just inevitable. Overall, the song explores the emotional complexities of bidding farewell and the struggle to release what is no longer fulfilling or healthy. It delves into the lingering pain and the difficulty of parting ways, even when it is necessary for personal growth and moving forward.

'Then I Met You' glows through fiddle and guitars that follow Chris' narrative. The melodic argument of a relationship continues here and delves into the themes of longing, self-discovery, and the consequences of missed opportunities. It portrays a relentless search for a connection and subsequent realization of own shortcomings. Chris reflects on a journey of growth and acceptance, as the speaker acknowledges their mistakes, embraces clarity, and seeks a fresh start. Ultimately, the song conveys a sense of hope and resilience, emphasizing the importance of learning from past experiences and being open to new chances for love and personal fulfilment.

As the album draws closer to its sunset, we are enraptured by the enchanting melodies of the next song, 'I Long to See You.' The delicate strumming of acoustic guitars intertwines seamlessly with the evocative vocals, creating a profound musical experience that blurs the boundaries between Chris' life and our own. The harmonies reach depths so profound that we find ourselves immersed in the raw emotions and intimate moments that shape Chris' journey, mirroring the intricacies of our own lives. The song acknowledges the inevitability of death, with the understanding that we have no control over when it arrives. Saying goodbye becomes a longing to reunite, to be brought back to a place of familiarity and comfort. There's an acknowledgement of the difficulty in telling the truth and the internal struggle when lying. The inability to face oneself in the mirror signifies a deeper introspection, a challenge to confront one's own flaws and truths.

Chris ends the album with a 17-second outro with a melody called 'The Disguise'. Even in this very short piece, Chris gives deep insight into the authenticity of self. It acknowledges everyone's creation of an illusion of something different from themselves. A concept of hidden identities inside us, deceptive appearances, and the recognition that what was perceived as not the genuine reality. Here, the song invites contemplation about the complexities of human interactions and the need to uncover the truth behind the masks we wear as it marks the end of this journey and leaves us with a lot to think about and learn.

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About Chris St John:

Musician Chris St. John has had 5 number one hits on the World and European Indie charts, and several other top ten hits over the past several years. Chris was recently nominated and accepted for Grammy consideration for his album “Fly Away”, for Best Americana Album, and "Lost Without Your Love", for best pop song; both earlier in 2023.

Chris St John