Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms - 'First, Last and Forever'

In a world where music has evolved and transformed, certain artists remain etched in our hearts forever. Frank Sinatra, the epitome of style, class, and sophistication, continues to inspire generations with his timeless melodies. Paying homage to this legendary crooner, Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms embark on a musical journey that transcends time and captures the essence of Sinatra's artistry. With each note they strike and every lyric they deliver, this talented ensemble breathes new life into Sinatra's iconic songs, infusing them with their unique energy and passion.

One cannot discuss the magic of Gary Thomas without acknowledging the profound dedication and meticulous attention to detail he brings to his craft. A life-long professionally trained vocalist, Thomas understands that being a tribute artist is not simply about mimicry; it's about understanding the soul of the music and making it your own. As he takes the stage with The Tom-Toms, a band of extraordinary musicians who share his passion, they create an atmosphere that transports audiences back to the golden era of music, reviving the spirit of Sinatra with every performance.

Their rendition of "One For My Baby (and One More for the Road)" sets the tone for an evening of nostalgia and introspection. Gary Thomas' velvet-smooth vocals, reminiscent of Sinatra's signature style, effortlessly convey the melancholic tale of a heartbroken soul drowning his sorrows at the bar. With Paul Coscino's haunting piano notes and Tom Klein's gentle guitar strumming, the song wraps around the listeners, leaving them captivated by its emotional depth.

As the melodies weave through the air, "Mood Indigo" embraces the audience in a rich tapestry of jazz and blues. Gary Thomas masterfully channels Sinatra's ability to evoke emotions with every lyric, taking us on a journey through the highs and lows of love. The Tom-Toms, led by Mark Berls' resonant bass and Nils Higdon's rhythmic drums, create a dynamic backdrop that accentuates the timeless beauty of the song.

With "You Make Me Feel So Young," the atmosphere shifts, and the audience is transported to a world of joy and youthful exuberance. Gary Thomas' infectious energy and charming stage presence bring the song to life, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of love and life. The smooth interplay between Paul Coscino's playful piano melodies and Tom Klein's soulful guitar riffs adds layers of warmth and vibrancy to this classic.

"The Best Is Yet To Come" emerges as an anthem of hope and optimism, delivered with conviction and determination. Gary Thomas' soaring vocals, brimming with confidence and resilience, ignite a spark within each listener, reminding them to embrace the future with open arms. The synergy between Gary and The Tom-Toms, evident in the tight harmonies and seamless instrumental accompaniment, solidifies the band's status as musical virtuosos.

Just as Frank Sinatra's voice could paint vivid imagery, "On A Clear Day" brings a breath of fresh air to the stage. Gary Thomas, with his velvety tones and flawless phrasing, conjures images of blue skies and endless possibilities. Paul Coscino's piano dances like sunlight on water, while Mark Berls' bass and Nils Higdon's drums provide a steady rhythm that propels the song forward, mirroring the excitement of new beginnings.

Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms' rendition of "Nice And Easy" epitomises the essence of their collaboration. Effortlessly cool and suave, Thomas exudes Sinatra's charisma, captivating the audience with his smooth delivery. Tom Klein's guitar weaves its magic, intertwining with the silky tones of Gary's voice, creating a seductive ambience that envelops the room. The Tom-Toms, in perfect sync, demonstrate their musical prowess, effortlessly navigating the intricate rhythms and harmonies of this timeless piece.

"Witchcraft" casts a spell on the listeners, as Gary Thomas channels Sinatra's mystique and charm. His velvety vocals caress each word, luring the audience into a world of enchantment and desire. The band's seamless interplay adds an irresistible allure, with Paul Coscino's piano casting its magical spell and Mark Berls' bass providing a sultry undertone that intensifies the song's allure.

As the night grows darker, "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" takes centre stage, showcasing Gary Thomas' ability to evoke profound emotions. His sensitive interpretation, accompanied by The Tom-Toms' subdued yet powerful instrumentation, creates an atmosphere of introspection and solitude. The haunting beauty of this song resonates deeply, capturing the raw vulnerability that Sinatra brought to his performances.

"Fly Me To The Moon" launches the audience into a celestial voyage, where dreams and aspirations know no bounds. Gary Thomas' smooth vocals, tinged with a touch of longing, carry the listener on a lyrical odyssey. The Tom-Toms' celestial soundscape, led by Tom Klein's dreamlike guitar melodies and Nils Higdon's celestial drumming, creates a sense of weightlessness and wonder, leaving the audience yearning for the stars.

Finally, "Come Fly With Me" brings the evening to a grand finale, inviting the audience to embark on an unforgettable musical adventure. Gary Thomas' magnetic presence and infectious enthusiasm ignite the stage, as he invites everyone to join him on a journey of joy and liberation. The Tom-Toms soar alongside him, their harmonies lifting spirits and igniting a sense of wanderlust in the hearts of all who listen.

Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms' tribute to Frank Sinatra is a testament to the enduring power of music. With their unmatched talent, they breathe new life into these timeless classics, allowing audiences to experience the magic and emotion that defined Sinatra's legacy. Through their fresh interpretations and genuine passion, they honour the essence of Sinatra's artistry while leaving their indelible mark on the songs.

So, as Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms grace the stage, they transport us to an era of sophistication and elegance. With each song, they weave a tapestry of emotions, drawing us deeper into the rich tapestry of Sinatra's repertoire. In their hands, these melodies become vessels of expression, connecting us to the past while reminding us of the everlasting power of music.

In a world hungry for nostalgia and craving the timeless beauty of Sinatra's music, Gary Thomas and the Tom-Toms provide an unforgettable experience. Their dedication, talent, and genuine love for the music shine through, capturing the hearts of audiences and keeping the spirit of Sinatra alive.

About Gary Thomas:

Style. Class. Sophistication.  Gary Thomas is a lifelong professionally trained vocalist who takes his craft and entertaining audiences seriously and has fun doing it.  He performs with his band, The Tom-Toms which includes Paul Coscino on piano, Mark Berls on bass, Tom Klein on guitar and Nils Higdon on drums.

As one patron at the Hobnob in Racine, Wisconsin said late one night after hearing him perform, "Hey, my name is Joey and I'm from Berwyn and I gotta tell ya, YOU sound just like SINATRA!!"  

Gary's approach is fresh because he always goes where the music takes him.  "I've come to realize that the way to get inside Frank Sinatra, is not to imitate him, his sound, or his style, but rather to get inside his songs and repertoire.   That's where you'll find Sinatra and that's how, even if you're a tribute artist, you will still indeed be an artist."