This track is an extraordinary opus where live instrumental origins are transformed into a celestial symphony. It blossoms into an energy that pulsates with raw emotion and transformative power. This remarkable composition breathes with a new life, thanks to the celestial vocals of Clara, whose enchanting voice weaves a spellbinding enchantment throughout the piece. Alongside Omer B.'s guitar mastery, a harmonious synergy emerges, birthing the captivating essence of "Healing Strings."

In a departure from the realm of AI and synthetic sounds, "Healing Strings" embraces the organic elements of music-making. Dr. Yossi Fine, a virtuoso of the fretless bass, ignites a sonic explosion that reverberates with an unparalleled musicality. With an illustrious career spanning collaborations with the likes of Gil Evans Orchestra, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Shabak Samech, and Dag Nahash, Fine's contribution to "Healing Strings" is a testament to his remarkable talent and artistry.

Polina's impassioned cello takes the listener on a passionate journey, infusing the composition with a tapestry of emotions that stir the depths of the soul. With each stroke of the bow, Polina pours her heart into the music, evoking a profound sense of longing, hope, and fervor. Her cello becomes a conduit for catharsis, a vehicle through which the healing power of sound resonates.

And let us not forget Glenn, whose precise and powerful drumming adds a dynamic foundation to the composition. Having lent his talents to numerous instrumental works by Omer B., Glenn's rhythmic prowess becomes an integral force in driving "Healing Strings" forward, injecting it with energy and purpose.

Together, these extraordinary musicians form an ensemble that defies convention and creates an auditory experience of breathtaking beauty. "Healing Strings" stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, where individual talents merge to craft a musical tapestry that transcends the ordinary.

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About Omer B in Omer's words:

"I'm Omer B, an independent musician, and guitarist. I do a lot of collaborations with other musicians and singers. My music varies between Rock\Pop\Blues\Gospel\Funk & Jazz."

Omer B